Even before the wedding, I found out that I was expecting a baby, confessed Dia Mirza

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Dia Mirza, who tied the knot on February 15 this year, had confirmed her pregnancy on April 1 and now she has admitted that she got pregnant before the marriage.


Sharing her photo on Instagram, she said that she is optimistic, her baby bump in the photo suggests that she is 12 to 14 weeks pregnant.


After the actress announced her pregnancy, people expressed surprise and started saying that such a baby bump does not happen after one month of pregnancy after marriage. There were also rumors in Indian media reports that it was possible. The actress was pregnant before the marriage, but now the actress has confirmed this.


According to the Indian Express, Dia Mirza admitted in response to a fan’s question on a photo she shared while announcing that she was optimistic that when she was busy preparing for her wedding, she found out that she was optimistic. 


The actress was asked by a fan why she did not announce it even before she got pregnant even if she was pregnant and whether women can’t be hopeful before marriage. The actress wrote that she wanted to live with Vebhu Rekhi and that she had already decided to get married, adding that she did not get married just because she was pregnant.


However, at the same time, Dia Mirza wrote that when she was busy preparing for marriage, she found out that she was expecting a baby, but due to some medical complications, she did not know about it. Not announced

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