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Meera: Cancer cases against me caused foreign investors to flee.


Lahore: Actress Meera’s new statement, which has become a news item due to her scandalous queen and her controversial statements, has once again caught everyone’s attention in which the film star has said that

Due to the cases against her, the film industry has lost billions. The loss of Rs.

Talking to media, actress Meera claimed that foreign investors fled because of the cases made against her.

Pakistani film star Meera further said that

If cases were not made against me, investors would have come to the country, but because of the cases, investors also fled.

She said that the funding for the film industry that was supposed to come to Pakistan, the investors who had to invest here and the business community that supported the Pakistan film industry all backed down while due to these cases the Pakistan film industry Billions of rupees were lost.

“If these cases had not been made against me, a lot of films would have been on the set and the industry might not have been shut down. I have been saying for ten years that we only lie during the shooting,”

she said. I act which means I lie.

Continuing his speech, the film star said that in the shooting of the film, love, love story, all these are shown but everything is a lie. We’re lying when we shoot, so you can’t associate shooting with real life.

It should be noted that actress Meera often becomes the center of attention of social media users because of her pink English.

Earlier, the hearing on the appeal in the Sessions Court in the case of actress Meera’s denial of marriage was adjourned till October 5, while the actress wept in the court room and appealed to the judge for an early verdict.

In the courtroom, I said, “Judge!” I have been asking for justice for ten years, let justice be done.

Additional Sessions Judge Muhammad Khan conducted the hearing in the case of denial of marriage during which the actress appeared wearing my burqa and presented amended evidence. It’s been 10 years since I’ve been asking for justice, I’ve been given justice

While Meera was also stopped from speaking loudly in the court, the actress said that she had also appeared in the court of the United States, where she was listened to carefully.

She further said that

I did not get married, I did not get married, I did not get married, why the rumors of my forced marriage have spread, if anyone says, would I have got married to him?

The court adjourned the hearing till October 5 seeking legal points.

It may be recalled that actress Meera has challenged the decision of the Family Court to declare Atiq-ur-Rehman as his wife in the Sessions Court.

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