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Mexico’s Andre Messa selected Miss Universe 2021.

New York: Mexico’s Andre Meza has been named Miss Universe 2021 in the Miss Universe pageant, which has been delayed due to the global Corona epidemic.


According to British media, the crown of Miss Universe this time was on the head of Miss Mexico Andre Meza, a resident of Chihuahua. The Miss Universe pageant in 2020 was postponed due to the Corona epidemic


The crown on the head of Andre Meza is decorated by the current Miss Universe Zosibni Tanzi. “I am very proud to have been chosen Miss Universe out of the 73 most beautiful women in the pageant. The standards of beauty have changed in the current era,” Andre Meza said in a statement. How we look is not the standard of beauty but the expression of beauty.


“Being crowned Miss Universe has made my dreams come true and I hope that I will be able to use my position to fulfill my role by promoting equality,”

said Andre Meza.


Miss Universe 2021 finalists: Andre Meza, Mexico, Adeline Castellino, India, Julia Goma, Brazil, Kimberly Jimenez, Dominican Republic, Jenk Mesita del Castello on stage. This time the Miss Universe pageant was held under the supervision of Mario Lopez and Olivia Kalpo.


Stephania Soto from Puerto Rico competed in the Miss Universe pageant, Tsar Vint Lavin from Myanmar competed in the Miss Universe pageant, Miss Guaga Laura from Colombia competed in the Miss Universe pageant, and the American Asia Branch also competed in the Miss Universe pageant. ۔


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