Mia Khalifa called Gal Godot a “genocidal Barbie.”

Former Lebanese-American star Mia Khalifa has sharply criticized Israeli actress Gal Godot over tensions between Israel and Palestine.

Gall Goddard was the lead actress in the movie “Wonder Woman”. In this tweet, Mia wrote that we wanted a Vesakar character and not the genocidal Barbie.

“My heart is broken, my country is at war, I’m worried about my people, my family and my friends,”

Gall wrote in a tweet a few days ago.

“Despite the atrocities against the Palestinians, this cycle of evil has been going on for a long time. Israel also has the right to live as a free and secure nation, and so do its neighbors.”


Gal Godot was severely criticized for this post. The actress, who also served in the Israeli Defense Force from 2005 to 2007, was also criticized by Pakistani actors Mirza Gohar Rashid and Usman Khalid Butt.

Gohar Rashid reminded the actress that it was Israel that created the conditions for war while Usman Khalid Butt advised her to read the newspaper. The former Al Jazeera managing editor remarked that Israel itself was committing war crimes and genocide.


Israeli airstrikes in Gaza have so far killed 213 people, according to AFP

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