Priyanka Chopra Cousins: A Close-Knit Family Bond That Transcends Boundaries


In the glitz and glamour of Bollywood, the familial bonds that tie celebrities often remain concealed from the public eye. Priyanka Chopra and her cousins, Mannara Chopra and Parineeti Chopra, however, have a special bond that has lately come to light. They are all across the world-famous. Despite their international recognition, the Chopra cousins have maintained a close bond that cuts beyond geographical boundaries, truly living up to their moniker “The Chopras” in every way. This family is living proof that close family relationships are everlasting thanks to a shared WhatsApp group that reflects their shared experiences, triumphs, and daily lives.

The Chopras’ Strong WhatsApp Connection

Mannara Chopra discusses the intricate workings of the aptly called “The Chopras” WhatsApp group, which belongs to the Chopra family.
This group acts as a digital haven for the 14 cousins, allowing them to stay informed of one other’s everyday activities and significant life events despite their dispersal across numerous cities and countries. They often communicate by exchanging pictures and updates, which eliminates their physical distance and strengthens their familial tie with each shared communication.

Priyanka’s Unwavering Support for Mannara’s Bigg Boss 17 Journey

The latest display of Priyanka Chopra’s support for Mannara Chopra during her time on Bigg Boss 17 is evidence of the close relationship the Chopra cousins have. In a sincere Instagram Story, Priyanka sent her best wishes to Mannara while recalling the pleasant times they had together in the past. The picture, which serves as a sentimental memento of Priyanka’s victory as Miss World 2000, perfectly portrays the essence of their unwavering familial love and support.

Mannar’s Independent Journey in the Limelight

Mannara Chopra emphasizes her personal attitude to life choices and career selections despite strong familial support. She emphasized her self-reliant mentality in a pre-Bigg Boss 17 interview with Bollywood Bubble, stressing that her decision to take part in the show was a result of her own objectives rather than outside pressure. The fact that Mannara is confident in her hard-won accomplishment and wants to forge her own route in the entertainment industry speaks volumes about how tenacious and determined she is.

Bridging the Gap between Bollywood and Reality Television

‘Laal Dupatta’ by Salman Khan was the soundtrack to Mannara’s energetic entrance on Bigg Boss 17, which not only resonated with the crowd but also served as a moving reminder of the Chopra family’s shared legacy in the Indian entertainment business. Mannara’s self-assurance and passion as she started this new phase of her career highlighted the Chopra family’s dedication to perseverance and hard work, traits that were instilled in her by her famous cousins Priyanka and Parineeti.

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Q: How many cousins are part of the Chopra clan?

A: The Chopra family boasts a total of 14 cousins, scattered across different corners of the world.

Q: What was the significance of Priyanka’s Instagram post during Mannara’s Bigg Boss 17 journey?

A: Priyanka’s post not only showcased her unwavering support for Mannara but also highlighted their cherished familial bond, further reinforcing the strong ties within the Chopra family.

Q: Did Mannara seek guidance from her celebrity cousins before joining Bigg Boss 17?

A: Mannara Chopra’s independent spirit shone through as she made it clear that her decision to participate in the show was entirely her own and not influenced by her cousins’ opinions or advice.

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