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Saira Yusuf and Shahroz Sabzwari interview together for the first time after divorce.

The first post-divorce interview of showbiz couple Saira Yusuf and Shahroz Sabzwari, who ended their marriage on divorce in March 2020 after being married for more than a decade, is going viral on social media, in which they openly discussed all the issues. But talked.

Saira Yusuf and Shahroz Sabzwari tied the knot in 2012 and are considered one of the best romantic couples, they also have a one-year-old daughter Nore.

The two got divorced in March 2020, after which Shahruz Sabzwari married model Sadaf Kanwal in May 2020.

Saira Shahroz is still not married after the divorce, while Shahroz Sabzwari also had a daughter with model Sadaf Kanwal last year.

Soon after their divorce, Saira Yusuf and Shahruz Sabzwari will be seen together in their first film ‘Babylicious’, the teaser of which was released last month.

Babylicious will be released on Valentine’s Day this year and both are busy promoting the film.

In this regard, the two recently gave an interview to ‘Something Hot’, in which the two appeared together for the first time after their divorce and both were seen smiling at each other during the interview.

During the interview, while he talked about his film ‘Babylicious’, he also told his fans about his relationship after divorce.

Both said that they got the script of ‘Babylicious’ in 2017 and they were working on the said project since then and in the days of their divorce, they were shooting for the same film. They were shooting.

Saira Yusuf, while talking about her relationship with her ex-husband after divorce, said that since they both have a daughter, Nore, who is more than themselves for both of them, that is why they solved their problems. Consider it unimportant and keep better relations with each other for the sake of the daughter.


According to Shahruz Sabzwari, he thought for his daughter ‘Nore’ above everything and in a way she is not his daughter but both mother and father.

The actor said that he watched Saira Yusuf’s play ‘Zinf Aahan’ only on his daughter’s request and if he did not want to watch the play, his daughter used to scold him.

He also praised Saira Yusuf and his wife Sadaf Kanwal and said that both mothers raised their daughters well and gave equal motherly love to both daughters, due to which there is no difference between their step-daughters.

According to Shahruz Sabzwari, her elder daughter Nore loves her younger sister more than she expected.

Speaking during the program, Shahruz Sabzwari said that he does not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed while working with Saira Yusuf, but the ex-wife does not know how she feels when working with him.

Saira Yusuf smiled at the words of her ex-husband instead of scolding him.

During the program, Saira Yusuf, talking about life after divorce, said that she is surprised when people repeatedly try to remind her of the past.

He said that people try to create problems for him by repeatedly reminding him about divorce and past life.

Saira Yusuf said that people should understand that if someone wants to forget all the problems and move forward in life, instead of stopping them, encourage them.

According to the actress, people think or think that after divorce, people should end their relationship with each other, while it becomes difficult for some people to do so, because for them other human beings and especially children are more important. Is.

After the divorce, Saira Yusuf and Shahruz Sabzwari are being praised for the above interview and people are calling them not only a better person but also a better professional.

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