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Sunny Leone is once again in controversy.

Sunny Leone

Mumbai: Actress Sunny Leone, who is known for her outspokenness in India’s popular and item song, has once again come under criticism and controversy.

According to Indian media reports, actress Sunny Leone is in trouble because of Radhika Nache in her new song Madhuban.

According to media reports, singer Kanika Kapoor has launched her new song called Madhuban and in its video Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has acted but this song has created a wave of anger among Indians.

After the release of this song, there was a flurry of criticism and it was said that the Hindu goddess Radha has been insulted in the song.

According to reports, the Hindus said that

This song has hurt our feelings because Radha was a true priestess of God who is presented in the song as a dancer. The people have also demanded an apology from Sunny Leone and the singer.

Music company Sare Ga Ma has said that it will change its music video ‘Madhuban’ after a warning from Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narutam Mishra.

According to the Indian News Agency, Sara Gama says that in view of the recent reaction and respect for the sentiments of the citizens, we will change the name and lyrics of the song ‘Madhuban’ and replace it with the old ones on all platforms within 3 days. There will be a new song.

Indians are demanding the arrest of Sunny Leone, the songwriter, songwriter, on a social networking site.

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