The Untold Story: Singer Billie Eilish’s Almost Name Change to ‘Pirate’

Singer Billie Eilish, who took the world by storm at the age of 19, has captivated fans all over the world with her distinct style and groundbreaking music.” Her journey from ‘Bad Guy’ to ‘What Was I Made For?’ has been nothing short of miraculous.”

“But did you know she almost went by a different name than the one we all know today?” According to USA Today, “Billie Eilish’s first book, aptly titled ‘Billie Eilish,’ takes us on an intimate journey through her life and childhood memories.”

“Now for the twist: Billie Eilish might have played Pirate! Yes, you read that correctly. ‘Pirate’ was a nickname given to her by her older brother, Finneas O’Connell, while their mother, Maggie Baird, was pregnant. At the time, he was obsessed with pirates.”

“Billie recalls those months in her book, stating, ‘They called me Pirate for months, and they were kind of planning on christening me Pirate.’ Fate, on the other hand, had different intentions.”

“As Billie recalls,’ my grandfather died soon before I was born, and his name was William, AKA Bill, Billie.” And that’s how I got my name.’ So ‘Pirate’ wasn’t forgotten totally; it became one of her middle names.”

“And thus Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell was born.” Isn’t it a mouthful?”

“Let’s talk about her meteoric rise to fame now.” Billie Eilish has earned accolades from some of the industry’s finest heavyweights, like Elton John and Phoebe Bridgers, who even referred to her as a genius!”

“With its unflinching portrayal of life as a teenage pop superstar, her second album, ‘Happier Than Ever,’ has garnered critical acclaim.” Critics praised her ability to communicate her anxieties with genuine sensitivity, establishing her as a true pop anti-hero.”

“Billie Eilish, whose name almost sounded like ‘Pirate,’ is now a household name in the music industry.” Her journey has been nothing short of spectacular, and her distinct flair has won the hearts of followers all around the world.”

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