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Why did ShahRukh Khan Share the Photo with Imran Khan? Indians Feels Jealousy.

Shahrukh and Imran Khan

MUMBAI: Bollywood’s King Shah Rukh Khan is facing severe criticism after an old photo with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan went viral, while “Boycott Shah Rukh Khan” has also become a trend on Twitter in India.

According to a photo that went viral on social media, Shah Rukh Khan, the hero of the Bollywood film Om Shanti Om, is present with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan while this photo was taken in 2008.

In the picture, Imran Khan can be seen holding a glass of juice in his hand while King Khan of Bollywood is looking at the Pakistani Prime Minister and laughing.

The photo set fire to the bodies of extremist Indians, while on the social networking site Twitter, they made the hashtag boycott Shah Rukh Khan (BoycottShahRukhKhan) a trend.

A Twitter user named Sushma Rohit shared a poster of Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film Pathan and demanded a boycott of Bollywood and Shah Rukh Khan, saying that because you are promoting an ideology that is conducive to society, humanity and harmony.

Sharing a picture of Shah Rukh Khan from a Twitter handle named Satinder Rawat, using the hashtag of boycott Shah Rukh Khan, questions were asked as to which Pathans you want to portray in this film? Those who fight among themselves? Kill your mothers, sisters and brothers?

Another Twitter user shared a video clip of Shah Rukh Khan in which Bollywood King praised Pakistani players and wrote that Pakistani players are the best players in the world and they are champions while intolerance is a big issue in India.

The user further wrote that Shah Rukh Khan is a supporter of Pakistan and he has proved this to be true many times.

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