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An important message from the Taliban government to the United States.

Afghanistan’s Interim Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mottaki has issued an important message to the US Congress, which was read out by Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Qahar Balkhi.

The open letter, sent to mark the 100th anniversary of relations between the two countries, said the decision to freeze Afghanistan’s assets was unexpected and no longer justified.

The spokesman added that the Doha Peace Agreement was reached between the two countries after 20 years of war and that the agreement should be respected which would pave the way for positive relations.

Spokesman Abdul Qahar Balkhi further said that the Doha Agreement could lead to positive relations between the two countries in the future and its implementation could open a new chapter of positive relations between the two states and nations which is in the interest of both the countries.

The letter said that the Islamic Emirate would have entered Kabul on the basis of an agreement but the officials of the previous government had created a vacuum of power and they were forced to seize everything.

The letter expressed interest in maintaining good relations with the international community and called on the United States to invest in Afghanistan. The spokesman said that now all opportunities are available for the construction and development of Afghanistan, in the future the United States can invest in Afghanistan’s industry, agriculture and mining.

Abdul Qahar Balkhi said that we understand the concerns of the international community and the United States, we need to work together for mutual trust. We believe that freezing Afghanistan’s money does not solve the problem, nor is it the will of the American people, so your government should release that money.

At the end of this open letter, the Afghan Taliban warns the world that the humanitarian crisis that will arise if the Taliban government is not recognized will lead to a refugee crisis not only in the region but in the whole world.

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