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Co-Founder of Adobe Inc. (Photoshop, PDF) Dies.

“Charles Gashki’s first major product was Adobe PostScript, which revolutionized the printing of text and images on paper, and revolutionized desktop publishing.”

Charles Chuck Geshki, co-founder of Adobe Inc., a major US software company, has died at the age of 81. He helped create the Portable Document Format, or PDF.


According to Narain, Chuck worked tirelessly to introduce new things to the company, which led to the invention of changeable software, including the ubiquitous PDF, Acrobat, Illustrator, Premiere and Photoshop.


Nancy, 78, Geshki’s wife, told television channel Mercury News on Saturday:

“He was a well-known businessman. He set up a big company in America and in the world and of course he was very proud of it. It was a great achievement of his life but it was not the focus of his attention but in fact his family. He always called himself the luckiest person in the world”.


Former US President Barack Obama awarded him the National Medal of Technology in 2009.


According to Mercury News, Geshki was abducted in 1992. One morning when he arrived at the office, two men grabbed him at gunpoint. He was 52 years old at the time.


The kidnappers transferred him to Holster, California, where he was held hostage for four days. Police arrested a suspect with a ransom of 6.5 million, after which he was eventually released. Succeeded where Geshki was imprisoned.

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