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Achieving Digital Goals, Huawei Announces Training for 1,000 Pakistani Employees.

ISLAMABAD: Chinese multinational technology company Huawei, in collaboration with the Ministry of IT, will provide training to 1,000 government employees under the Digital Pakistan initiative, registering government officials for training programs.


This important announcement was made by Huawei’s Vice President for the Middle East Li Xiangyu during a special meeting with President Dr. Arefi Alvi. He also gave a presentation on the role of Huawei in developing IT skills.


He said that Huawei has played its part in Pakistan’s economy by providing 10,000 jobs from 2018 to 2020 and paying 120 million in taxes to the government.


It has also spent 60 6 million to support government relief efforts in the event of a disaster. Similarly, his organization provided 10,000 certifications in 2020 for talent in Pakistan’s information and communication technology.


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President Arif Alvi lauded Huawei’s initiatives to provide ICT skills training to the people of Pakistan. He directed the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication to set timelines for training programs for government employees in the areas of artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, cloud technology and other technologies.


Similarly, in addition to coming up with innovative ideas, cooperation with Huawei should be promoted to realize the vision of Digital Pakistan as soon as possible.

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