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The Showbiz Personality Affected by Corona Deteriorated.

MUMBAI: Actress Himanshi Kharana, who was cast in the 13th edition of the Indian television reality show Bigg Boss, has lost her temper due to coronation.

According to Indian media reports, Himanshi tested positive for corona on September 27, after which he quarantined himself at home. It is now reported that the actress suddenly fell ill and was shifted to Ludhiana Hospital in Chandigarh.

According to media reports, the actress had a sudden high fever and difficulty in breathing, on which the family rushed her to the hospital.

Doctors admitted the actress to award set up for Corona and told the family that she was not feeling well and would have to move to a ventilator if she had similar breathing problems.

It is to be noted that Himanshi Kharana has shown the essence of acting in various films and dramas while she has also acted in music albums.

Humanshi was also included in the recently recorded Bigg Boss, he has gained a lot of fame since Bigg Boss.

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