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Artist Create Devil’s image on US dollars, what is the story?

An Argentinian artist has staged a silent protest by painting images of devils and angry animals on real currency notes.

Most of the countries of the world are affected by rising inflation and unemployment, where the poor people’s lives are getting worse. The famous Argentinian painter Sergio Guillermodiaz is also among those who have been affected by this rising inflation, but instead of keeping silent about it, he has used his talent and the power to protest.

Sergio Guillermodiaz has expressed his protest through art on high-value currency notes (US dollars) and has quietly expressed his grief over rising inflation by painting the faces of angry animals, including devils, on them.

One US dollar is currently equivalent to 178 Argentine pesos (currency name) and are being sold on the black market after disappearing in the country due to inflation.

In this regard, the Argentinian artist says that his countrymen have lost their purchasing power in the rising inflation and are deeply worried. As long as these conditions persist, he will continue to express his reactions as a sensitive artist.

He said that it takes him a long time to create a picture on each note, but when the changed shape of the note is revealed, it presents a silent protest. This is the reason why they have performed their art on Euro and Dollar as well. Apart from this, he has also created the image of footballer Lionel Messi on the notes.

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