Leonardo Da Vinci

Quick Facts

Full NameLeonardo di ser Piero da Vinci
Born15 April 1452
Place of BirthVinci, Republic of Florence (possibly Anchiano)
Died2 May 1519 (aged 67)
Place of DeathClos Lucé, Amboise, Kingdom of France
Resting PlaceChâteau d’Amboise
EducationStudio of Andrea del Verrocchio
Years Activec. 1470–1519
Known ForPainting, drawing, engineering, anatomical studies, hydrology, botany, optics, geology
Notable Works“Virgin of the Rocks” (c. 1483–1493), “Lady with an Ermine” (c. 1489–1491), “The Vitruvian Man” (c. 1490), “The Last Supper” (c. 1495–1498), “Mona Lisa” (c. 1503–1516)
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
FamilyDa Vinci family
ProfessionPolymath (painter, draughtsman, engineer, scientist, theorist, sculptor, architect)
LegacyKnown as one of the greatest painters in Western art, credited with founding the High Renaissance, creator of some of the most influential paintings in the Western canon
Famous Works“Mona Lisa” (world’s most famous individual painting), “The Last Supper” (most reproduced religious painting), “Vitruvian Man” (cultural icon)
Auction Record“Salvator Mundi” sold for US$450.3 million in 2017, setting a record for the most expensive painting ever sold at public auction
Technological IngenuityConceptualized flying machines, armoured fighting vehicle, concentrated solar power, a ratio machine for adding, and the double hull
InventionsAutomated bobbin winder, machine for testing tensile strength of wire
Scientific DiscoveriesSubstantial discoveries in anatomy, civil engineering, hydrodynamics, geology, optics, and tribology (though unpublished and had little direct influence on subsequent science)
InfluenceEpitomized the Renaissance humanist ideal, immense contribution to later generations of artists, comparable only to Michelangelo
Early LifeBorn out of wedlock to a notary and a lower-class woman, educated by Andrea del Verrocchio, began career in Florence, worked in Milan, Florence, Rome, and finally in France under Francis I

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