Frans Lanting

Quick Facts

NameFrans Lanting
BornJuly 13, 1951
BirthplaceRotterdam, Netherlands
OccupationsPhotographer, Author, Public Speaker
EducationStudied economics at Erasmus University, Rotterdam
LifeImmigrated to the United States; currently lives in Santa Cruz, California; operates a studio and gallery; wife Christine Eckstrom works on joint nature photography books
WorkPhotographs in various parts of the world, including the Amazon basin, Africa, and Antarctica; served as photographer-in-residence for National Geographic
ExhibitionsExhibitions include “Jungles” at the Field Museum of Natural History (2005) and “Life: A Journey Through Time” combined with music by Philip Glass
FellowshipFellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP)
WWF AmbassadorBecame an ambassador of the World Wide Fund for Nature in the Netherlands in August 2012

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