Philippe Halsman

Quick Facts

Full NamePhilippe Halsman
Birth NameFilips Halsmans (Latvian), Philipp Halsmann (German)
Date of BirthMay 2, 1906
Place of BirthRiga, Russian Empire (present-day Latvia)
Date of DeathJune 25, 1979
Place of DeathNew York City, United States
EducationStudied electrical engineering in Dresden, Germany
AccusationIn September 1928, accused of his father’s murder during a hiking trip in the Austrian Tyrol; sentenced to four years in prison; later pardoned and released in October 1930 after a campaign for his innocence
Photography CareerStarted contributing to fashion magazines like Vogue in France; known for sharp, closely cropped portraits; fled to Marseille during the German invasion; obtained U.S. visa with help from Albert Einstein
Notable WorkPhotographed model Constance Ford for Elizabeth Arden’s “Victory Red” lipstick campaign; contributed to Life magazine, eventually becoming known for 101 covers; famously photographed Albert Einstein in 1947
LegacyRenowned as one of the best portrait photographers; remembered for his sharp, closely cropped images; his work contributed significantly to fashion and magazine photography in the mid-20th century

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