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Ducky Bhai, also known as Saad ur Rehman, is a notable name in the colorful world of Pakistani YouTube celebrities. His journey from a young Lahore child to the pinnacle of YouTube success is nothing short of inspirational. In this in-depth examination, we look into Ducky Bhai Net Worth, revealing information about his life, career, personal life, and the unique features that have helped him become the well-known celebrity he is today.

Quick Facts about Ducky Bhai Biography

Quick Facts about Ducky BhaiAnswer
Real NameSaad ur Rehman
Nick NameDucky Bhai
WifeAroob Jatoi
Famous AsYouTuber (Roasting and vlogging)
Net Worth (2023)$1.1 Million
Net Worth (in Rupees)23 crore PKR
Monthly Income68 lakhs PKR
Annual Income8 crore PKR
Income SourceYouTube, Sponsorships, Affiliates
Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight77 kg (169.7 lbs)
Age (2023)25 Years Old
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
Birth PlaceLahore, Pakistan
Date Of BirthDecember 21, 1997
HometownLahore, Pakistan
QualificationConcept University in Lahore (Graduation)
Brother NameMuneeb
YouTube Subscribers6 million
Gaming Channel Subscribers1.9 million
Instagram Followers618k
Twitter Followers174.1k
Facebook Page Likes242,948 Likes
PUBG Mobile IDNot DuckyBhai and id=5193701583
Favorite GameFortnite
Marital StatusMarried
EducationDropped out of Concept University in Computer Science
FamilyResides in Lahore, Pakistan; Brother – Muneeb
AchievementsPisa Award for Top YouTuber, YouTube Play Buttons
CategoriesTrolling/Roasting, Vlogging, Comedy, Gaming
LegacyTop YouTuber in Pakistan, Influential Digital Creator

Ducky Bhai: A YouTuber Extraordinaire

Early Life and Education:

Ducky Bhai began his scholastic adventure at Bahria Town High School in Lahore, Pakistan, on December 21, 1997, and thereafter pursued his FA at Punjab Group of Colleges. Despite beginning his computer science studies at Concept University in Lahore, his academic journey took an unexpected turn, resulting in his final exit.

The Art of Roasting and Vlogging:

Ducky Bhai, born Saad ur Rehman, has made a name for himself in the digital world with his unrivaled skills in roasting, vlogging, comedy, and gaming. His distinct approach to content creation distinguishes him, as he bravely confronts topics ranging from celebrities to fellow YouTubers to TikTokers. His hilarious timing, keen wit, and unvarnished comments have earned him a massive following and cemented his place as a trailblazer in the YouTube environment.

Ducky Bhai Net Worth _ Biography cars succes and lifestyle
Photo: Ducky Bhai Instagram

Clash with Sham Idrees:

Ducky Bhai’s journey to stardom is notable for a well-documented altercation with Pakistani-turned-Canadian YouTuber Sham Idrees. The two exchanged angry and violent recordings in public, drawing fans and fanning the flames of online drama. This confrontation raised Ducky Bhai’s fame and demonstrated his ability to manage the complexities of Internet culture.

The Gaming Realm:

Ducky Bhai has ventured into the gaming sphere, where he demonstrates his prowess as a game player, in addition to roasting and vlogging. With 1.8 million followers on his gaming channel, he has created a devoted following that is enthralled by his gaming exploits. This variety displays his versatility and appeals to a wider range of viewers.

Ducky Bhai Net Worth

YouTube Earnings:

Ducky Bhai’s YouTube empire is certainly large, with a stunning 6 million subscribers on his main channel and 1.9 million on his gaming channel. His net worth as of 2023 is an amazing $1.1 million, which translates to 23 crore PKR. His monthly salary is stated to be 68 lakhs PKR, for an annual income of 8 crore PKR.

Ducky Bhai Net Worth _ Biography youtube success

Income Sources:

Ducky Bhai’s revenue streams primarily flow from YouTube, sponsorships, and affiliates. While his exact earnings from brand endorsements remain undisclosed, his influence in the digital space undoubtedly attracts lucrative partnerships.

Personal Life: Ducky Bhai Net Worth

Marriage to Aroob Jatoi:

Ducky Bhai’s life took an interesting change in January 2023 when he married Aroob Jatoi. This big personal milestone brought a new element to his public character, with Aroob Jatoi herself venturing into the world of vlogging. Her meteoric rise on YouTube, where she amassed 100,000 subscribers in 11 hours, lends a familial touch to the Ducky Bhai brand.

Ducky Bhai Net Worth _ Biography family and marriage
Photo: Ducky Bhai Instagram

Family and Roots:

Ducky Bhai’s ancestors are from Lahore, where he now lives with his family. Ducky Bhai has a younger brother named Muneeb, but his family life is relatively secret. During his childhood, his family relocated from Japan to Pakistan, shedding light on the different events that molded his upbringing.

Ducky Bhai’s Online Presence

YouTube Triumphs:

Ducky Bhai’s YouTube dominance is evident in his channel statistics. Boasting 2.42 million subscribers on his primary channel and 1.26 million on his gaming channel, he has become a formidable force in the online entertainment landscape.

Social Media Influence:

Ducky Bhai’s popularity extends beyond YouTube and into other social media channels. He maintains an active and engaged community with over 618k Instagram followers, 174.1k Twitter followers, and a significant Facebook presence. This vast social media influence helps the Ducky Bhai brand’s total impact.

Awards and Recognition


Ducky Bhai’s influence goes beyond subscriber numbers and net fortune. Winning the Pisa Award and being recognized with YouTube Play Buttons validate his position as a trailblazer in the YouTube community. His content category, which focuses on trolling and roasting, has developed a niche with a global audience.

Legacy and Future Endeavors:

Ducky Bhai has made a name for himself in the digital world as a Pakistani YouTuber, Vlogger, comedian, roaster, and gamer. His path from Lahore to international acclaim shows the potential of online content creation. Ducky Bhai’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing digital media landscape means that his impact will continue to affect the future of online entertainment in Pakistan and beyond.

FAQs about Ducky Bhai Net Worth

Q1: What is Ducky Bhai’s real name?

A: Ducky Bhai’s real name is Saad ur Rehman.

Q2: When did Ducky Bhai get married?

A: Ducky Bhai tied the knot with Aroob Jatoi in January 2023.

Q3: What is Ducky Bhai’s net worth?

A: As of 2023, Ducky Bhai’s net worth is estimated to be $1.1 million.

Q4: What are Ducky Bhai’s educational qualifications?

A: Ducky Bhai completed his Matic Studies at Bahria Town High School and pursued FA at Punjab Group of Colleges. He started his Computer Science studies at Concept University but dropped out.


Ducky Bhai is a success story in the ever-changing field of digital content development. His path from humble beginnings in Lahore to become Pakistan’s top YouTuber is distinguished by resilience, innovation, and unrelenting dedication to his trade. As we learn more about Ducky Bhai’s life, it becomes clear that he is more than just an internet sensation, but a multifaceted figure who is shaping the future of online entertainment.

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