Khizar Omer


Khizar Omer, popularly known as Omer Khizar, is a renowned Pakistani comedian, YouTuber & Tiktoker. He won the hearts of many with his captivating humor and engaging content. Born on October 1, 1997, in Layyah, Pakistan, Khizar Omer’s journey from a modest background to becoming a celebrated figure in the digital entertainment sphere is nothing short of inspirational. This detailed biography delves into the life and career of Khizar Omer. Highlighting the challenges he overcame and the remarkable successes he achieved through sheer determination and talent.

Quick Facts: Khizar Omer Biography

Quick Facts About Khizar Omer
Date of BirthOctober 1, 1997
Place of BirthLayyah, Pakistan
Known AsKhizar Omer, Omer Khizar
ProfessionComedian, YouTuber
Social Media PresenceYouTube, TikTok
YouTube SubscribersOver 581,000
Net Worth (as of June 16, 2023)$351,500
Signature StyleHumorous and engaging content
Inspirational JourneyOvercoming challenges from humble beginnings
ImpactBringing laughter and joy to a global audience
Khizar Omer Biogrpahy and Journey To Success

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