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Harriet Tubman (born: Araminta Ross) was a famous American social activist and abolitionist. She was born on March 1822 in Dorchester County, Maryland, U.S. She died on March 10, 1913, at the age of 91 in Auburn, New York, U.S. She is currently resting in Fort Hill Cemetery, Auburn, New York, U.S. Harriet was well known for her Guiding enslaved people to freedom.

She married to John Tubman ​(m. 1844; div. 1851)​ and then Nelson Davis ​in 1869. She received numerous honors and recognition for her work for humanity including the first African-American woman picture on a U.S. postage stamp (1995), the Tubman picture on the front side of a $20 bill (2016), and the picture of Tubman on coins, etc.

Quick Facts

Quick FactsDetails
Full NameAraminta Ross
BirthdateApproximately March 1822
Place of BirthDorchester County, Maryland, U.S.
Death DateMarch 10, 1913
Age at Death90–91
ProfessionCivil war scout, spy, nurse, suffragist, civil rights activist
Known ForGuiding enslaved people to freedom, activism in abolitionist movement
SpousesJohn Tubman (married in 1844; divorced in 1851), Nelson Davis (married in 1869; he died in 1888)
ParentsHarriet (“Rit”) Green and Ben Ross
SiblingsLinah, Mariah Ritty, Soph, Robert, Ben, Rachel, Henry, Moses
Notable AccomplishmentsConducted approximately 13 rescue missions, served as a scout and spy for the Union Army during the Civil War, played a significant role in the Underground Railroad, advocated for women’s suffrage
LegacyRegarded as an icon of courage and freedom, honored on U.S. postage stamps, national parks, and monuments

FAQs about Harriet Tubman Biography

What is the full name of Harriet Tubman?

The full name of Harriet Tubman is Araminta Ross.

What is the profession of Harriet Tubman?

Harriet Tubman was a Civil War scout, spy, nurse, suffragist, and civil rights activist.

What is the age of Harriet Tubman?

Harriet Tubman passed away at the age of 90–91 on March 10, 1913.

Who is Harriet Tubman’s spouse?

Harriet Tubman’s spouses were John Tubman (married in 1844; divorced in 1851) and Nelson Davis (married in 1869; he died in 1888).

Who are Harriet Tubman’s parents?

Harriet Tubman’s parents were Harriet (“Rit”) Green and Ben Ross.

Who are Harriet Tubman’s siblings?

Harriet Tubman had several siblings, including Linah, Mariah Ritty, Soph, Robert, Ben, Rachel, Henry, and Moses.

What is the net worth of Harriet Tubman?

There is no information available about the net worth of Harriet Tubman.

What is the education of Harriet Tubman?

There is no specific information provided about the formal education of Harriet Tubman. However, she gained knowledge and skills through her experiences and interactions.

What are the major awards Harriet Tubman received?

Harriet Tubman did not receive major awards in the conventional sense, but she is widely recognized and honored for her courageous efforts in guiding enslaved people to freedom and her activism in the abolitionist and women’s suffrage movements.

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