Amna Elias: I get nervous in front of the camera

ISLAMABAD: Model and actress Amna Ilyas says that even today she gets nervous while going in front of the camera.


According to media reports, Amna Elias said that it has been many years since she stepped into the world of showbiz, but even today I get nervous while going in front of the camera, I feel like there is an exam and I don’t know what the result will be.


“I never thought I would become an actress,”

she said.

“I did TV commercials and did fashion videos, just like the directors did.”

After being offered to work in the film, I felt that maybe I could act, so I tried my luck, but I had to work very hard to speak the dialogues.


The actress further said that if she gets the script of a film, she reads it again and again, even before saying yes to the role, she must have read the script four or five times.

Reading over and over again lets you know what the writer wants to say and what the story is about and what can be done to make the character better. ‘

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