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The race to reach the space of billionaires, the British businessman took the field.

London: British billionaire businessman came to space in his own company’s plane. Seventy-year-old Richard Branson became the first person to travel to space in a commercial spaceship. He visited space in his company’s spacecraft.


According to the details, Richard Branson has become the first person to travel in space on his company’s commercial space flight.


Remember that for the first time someone has traveled in space in a different kind of spacecraft. The spaceship did not fly from the ground, but a uniquely designed spacecraft released the spaceship at an altitude of 44,000 feet, from where the spacecraft was powered by a rocket-powered engine at an altitude of ninety-nine kilometers above the earth’s surface.

Reaching altitude, the rocket plane shut down the engine for a few moments, where the occupants of the spaceship floated in the air due to extremely low gravity.

The rocket returned a few moments later and the spacecraft landed safely. It took an hour yesterday to land from take off.

The spaceship was operated by two pilots and was accompanied by three technical experts.

Richard Branson founded the space company Virgin Gelatic in 2004, which finally completed its first successful commercial space flight in 17 years.

A British businessman has announced a sudden space trip to overtake business rival Jeff Bezos’ space company. Jeff Bezos has announced that he will travel to space on July 20.

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