Hareem Shah: My Parents did not Attend the Wedding, my Husband Proposed me.

LAHORE: Leading Pakistani Tik Toker and actress Hareem Shah has said that her parents did not attend her wedding and her husband proposed to her.


According to details, Hareem Shah is in the news these days after allegedly marrying a PPP member of Sindh Assembly and a provincial minister.


Asked about the names of various personalities related to her husband being linked on private TV, Hareem Shah said that after confessing her marriage to a PPP member of Sindh Assembly and a provincial minister, she asked her fans to keep her husband’s identity secret for a few days. Despite this, many media houses, including social media, have linked my name with various political figures. All these videos and news are completely baseless and unverified which is inappropriate.


At the moment, I did not name any person as my husband, I only confessed to the husband’s party and said that the announcement will tell what the husband’s name is.


“There has been a lot of media coverage about my first marriage and divorce, but I want to tell all my fans that I was not married before, I don’t have any children,”

she said. Never divorced or made a boyfriend for life.


Regarding her visit to Turkey, Hareem told that,

“Praise be to God, I am going to Turkey soon with my husband. This is my private visit as I am working on many projects, so I will be back soon.”


Meanwhile, Tuck Tucker revealed that the marriage took place without the participation of the parents and in a cordial manner, as the parents were against my coming to the media, so they did not attend the wedding. I have a very poor memory of dates, the wedding took place on Thursday a week and a half ago and I offered Friday prayers the next day.


Regarding the wedding dress, Hareem said that I did not become a traditional bride on the day of the wedding and I have not uploaded any wedding photo on social media so far, nor has any bridal shoot been related to my wedding.


“The most special thing about my husband is that he didn’t show me any dreams before marriage. He told me the truth about his first marriage, his first wife and his children,”

She said. The marriage was proposed by the husband and when he offered marriage I asked for two to three days and then I consulted with some people and a voice came from my heart saying ‘yes’ followed by our got married.


Hareem Shah said that

She has known her husband for three or four months already but during that time we did not have any friendship or relationship but only met two or three times and got married.

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