Hrithik Roshan: Everyone has a Conspiratorial Eye Disease for Salman Khan

Mumbai: Actor Hrithik Roshan has said that Salman Khan has a disease that makes him look like a conspirator.


Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan said this on film director Kiran Johar’s show.


In the show, host Karan Johar asked the actor which of Salman Khan’s habits would you break if you get a chance? In reply, Hrithik Roshan said,


“I know that everyone likes Salman Khan, but the actor is facing a disease which makes him feel like a conspirator. If given a chance, I will eradicate this disease.”


The host asked what they would do if they reached the heights of success like Salu Mian.


“I will hold a press conference and confess in front of everyone that I love Hrithik Roshan,”

Hrithik said.

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