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A Golden Opportunity for James Bond Fans to Earn $ 1,000.

Enthusiasts of watching movies are exceptionally intrigued with a specific character and watch every one of his movies, a particularly remarkable offer has been made for the aficionados of James Bond.

A foreign culture website has offered a unique job in which a person who watches all the films of the James Bond series will be paid $ 1,000.

To celebrate the release of the new James Bond film No Time to Die, the website has announced that it is looking for someone to watch all 24 films in the series at once.

These films incorporate every one of the films from the primary film of the arrangement released in 1962, Dr. No, to the last film Specter released in 2015.

The condition of this job is that all the films have to be watched till the release of the new film on September 30.

Candidates selected for this job will receive $ 1,000 in cash (over PKR 155,000), an 100 100 Amazon Gift Card and another 50 50 Gift Card, which will be released on September 30. The new movie of this series will be seen.

The selected candidate has to watch all the 24 films within 30 days and in the meantime fill up a worksheet. In the online application form, the applicant is asked what is inside the applicant. What makes him a special James Bond fan?

The website management says that the delay in the release of the new film of the James Bond series has disappointed its fans. Keep them busy until they are released and get their attention.

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