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Showbiz Stars are Excited: Defeat India, bring World Cup to Pakistan.


Karachi: Showbiz Stars are very excited about the match between Pakistan and India in T20 World Cup. They say that if the day is good, victory over India is ours.

Actor Javed Sheikh said that

Whoever wins the toss will win the match.

Actor Nadeem said that

Every artist is waiting for the victory of Pakistan.

Fahad Mustafa said that

Cricket is a chance, only good game can bring success.

Film star Saud said that defeat India, bring World Cup to Pakistan.

Actor Noman Habib said that he was going to Dubai to support the Pakistan team and would watch all the matches. Salman Saeed said that Pakistan team is better than India.

Actor Faisal Qureshi says that this time in the World Cup not only India but also New Zealand must be defeated. There are full hopes from the national team, this time victory against India will be ours.

It should be noted that Pakistan will play its first match in the World Cup T20 against India tomorrow.

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