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Full NameHipparchus
Birth Datec. 190 BC
Birth PlaceNicaea, Kingdom of Bithynia (modern-day İznik, Bursa, Turkey)
Death Datec. 120 BC (around age 70)
Death PlaceRhodes, Roman Republic (modern-day Greece)
OccupationsAstronomer, Mathematician, Geographer
Contributions– Founder of trigonometry – Discovered precession of the equinoxes – Developed quantitative and accurate models for motion of Sun and Moon
Notable Achievements– Developed trigonometry and constructed trigonometric tables – First to predict solar eclipses reliably – Discovered and measured Earth’s precession
Nickname“Father of trigonometry”
Legacy– Considered greatest ancient astronomical observer and overall astronomer of antiquity – First to develop reliable method to predict solar eclipses
Key WorkCommentary on the Phaenomena of Eudoxus and Aratus – His star catalog was incorporated into Ptolemy’s, making him “the father of trigonometry”

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