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Full NameHippocrates of Kos
Birth DateAround 460 BC
BirthplaceKos, ancient Greece
Death DateAround 370 BC
Place of DeathLarissa, ancient Greece
EraClassical Greece
ContributionsConsidered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine; known as the “Father of Medicine”; revolutionized ancient Greek medicine with the Hippocratic school of medicine
Major AchievementsSystematic categorization of diseases; formulation of humoral theory; use of prognosis and clinical observation
Notable WorksHippocratic Corpus; Hippocratic Oath; writings on clinical medicine; advancements in medical knowledge and practices
Death DetailsDied around the age of 83, 85, or 90; possibly in Larissa

Hippocrates Books

Book TitlePublication Year
The Oath of Hippocrates1921
On Ancient Medicine1993
On the Sacred Disease2022
On Airs, Waters and Places2004
Hippocratic writings1978
The Aphorisms of Hippocrates1817
The Genuine Works of Hippocrates1849
Of The Epidemics2004
Regimen in Acute Diseases
The Writings of Hippocrates and Galen1846
Kitāb al-Ajinna Li-Buqrāṭ
La Nature de l’Homme1975
On Head Wounds1999
The Prognostics and Prorrhetics of Hippocrates
Peri Aerōn Hydatōn Topōn (On Airs, Waters and Places)1800
Hippocrates: With an English Translation

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