Henry Ford

Quick Facts

Full NameHenry Ford
Birth DateJuly 30, 1863
Birth PlaceSpringwells Township, Michigan, U.S.
Death DateApril 7, 1947 (aged 83)
Death PlaceDearborn, Michigan, U.S.
Resting PlaceFord Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan
OccupationsEngineer, Industrialist, Publisher, Philanthropist
Years Active1891–1945
Known ForFounding and leading the Ford Motor Company; Mass production of affordable automobiles
TitlePresident of Ford Motor Company (1906–1919, 1943–1945)
Political PartyRepublican (1881–1918), Democratic (1918–1947)
SpouseClara Jane Bryant (m. 1888)
ChildrenEdsel Ford
Net Worth$1.2 billion
Significant AchievementsPioneering the assembly line technique, introducing the Model T, implementing the five-day work week
InnovationsFranchise system for car dealerships
Early LifeLeft home at 16 to work in Detroit; worked with Edison Electric
Major ContributionsRevolutionizing transportation and American industry
Pacifism and PoliticsPacifism during WWI, promoted the League of Nations, opposed U.S. entering WWII
ControversiesPromoted antisemitism through The Dearborn Independent and The International Jew
Later LifeResumed control of Ford Motor Company in 1943, turned over to grandson Henry Ford II in 1945
LegacyMost wealth left to Ford Foundation, control of the company to family
EducationCompleted eighth grade, bookkeeping course at commercial school

Henry Ford Books

The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem1920
My Life and Work1922
Today and Tomorrow1926
Jewish Activities in the United States1921
Moving Forward1930
The International Jew Volumes III and IV
The Complete International Jew
The International Jew: Aspects of Jewish Power in the United States1921
My Philosophy of Industry1929
Ford Ideals1922
The Case Against the Little White Slaver1914
The Story of Henry Ford – An American Dream Come True
Edison As I Know Him1930
Henry Ford Collection (5 Books)
Quotations of Henry Ford2005
The International Jew Volumes III and IV: The World’s Foremost Problem
Cleveland Era EasyRead Comfort Edition
Sidney Sime: Master of the Mysterious
Dearborn Independent Magazine January 1927-May 1927
My Life and Work: Views of a World Class Genius
Great Today and Greater Future1926
The National History of the State
International Jew1920
The International Jew by Henry Ford – Volume 1
The International Jew: And the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
My Friend Mr. Edison
My Life And Work: An Inspirational Saga Of The Automobile Giant Ford
Henry Ford: The International Jew Volume One, Footnoted Edition
My Life and Work Vol 1
Henry Ford: The International Jew
The Scotch-Irish in America (1915). By: Henry Jones Ford: History Colonial Period, Ca. 1600-1775
The International Jew by Henry Ford – Volume 3
Classic Collection of Autobiographies. Illustrated: My Inventions, Highlights of His Life, The Story of My Experiments with Truth and others
Washington and His Colleagues – Scholar’s Choice Edition
The History of Putnam and Marshall Counties2016
Ford Ideals: Being a Selection from Mr. Ford’s Page – Scholar’s Choice Edition
Good Morning
The amazing story of Henry Ford, the ideal American and the world’s most famous private citizen1922

Henry Ford Movies

Some Call It Greed
Europa: The Last Battle2017
Crazy, Not Insane2020
The 24 Hour War2016
The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg1998
The Shadow of Hate1995
The Tramp and the Dictator2002
Brothers on the Line2012
Shelby American
Protocols of Zion2005
The American Road1953
The Surf Zone
I Never Forget a Face1956
They Filmed the War in Color: The Pacific War2003

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