John Logie Baird

Quick Facts

Full NameJohn Logie Baird
Date of Birth13 August 1888
Place of BirthHelensburgh, Dunbartonshire, Scotland
Date of Death14 June 1946
Place of DeathBexhill, Sussex, England
Education– Larchfield Academy, Helensburgh
– Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College
– University of Glasgow
Occupations– Inventor
– Entrepreneur
Organizations– Consulting technical adviser, Cable & Wireless Ltd (from 1941)
– Director, John Logie Baird Ltd
– Director, Capital and Provincial Cinemas Ltd
Known for– Demonstrating the world’s first live working television system
– Inventing the first publicly demonstrated color television system
– Achieving the first transatlantic television transmission
SpouseMargaret Albu (m. 1931)
Awards– Member of the Physical Society (1927)
– Member of the Television Society (1927)
– Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (1937)
Recognition– Named one of the 10 greatest Scottish scientists in history (2006)
– Inducted into the Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame (2015)
– Bronze street plaque unveiled by IEEE in London (2017)
– John Logie Baird 50p coin unveiled by the Royal Mint (2021)
Early Years– Born to the Reverend John Baird and Jessie Morrison Inglis
– Educated at various institutions including Larchfield Academy, Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College, and University of Glasgow
– Took engineering apprentice jobs during his education
– Volunteered for service in WWI but classified as unfit for active duty
– Worked for Clyde Valley Electrical Power Company during WWI munitions work

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