Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Quick Facts

Full NameMuhammad Ali Jinnah
BornMahomedali Jinnahbhai
Date of BirthDecember 25, 1876
Place of BirthKarachi, Bombay Presidency, British India (now Sindh, Pakistan)
Date of DeathSeptember 11, 1948
Place of DeathKarachi, Federal Capital Territory, Pakistan (now Sindh, Pakistan)
Resting PlaceMazar-e-Quaid, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Nationality– British Indian (1876–1947)
– Pakistani (1947–1948)
Political Party– Muslim League (1947–1948)
Other Political Affiliations– Indian National Congress (1906–1920)
– All-India Muslim League (1913–1947)
Spouses– Emibai Jinnah (m. 1892; died 1893)
– Rattanbai Petit (m. 1918; died 1929)
ChildrenDina Wadia
ParentsJinnahbhai Poonja (father)
EducationLincoln’s Inn
ProfessionBarrister, politician
Titles and Roles– 1st Governor-General of Pakistan (1947–1948)
– 1st Speaker of the Constituent Assembly (1947–1948)
PredecessorPosition established
Succeeded byKhawaja Nazimuddin (Governor-General)
Maulvi Tamizuddin Khan (Speaker)
Early Career– Rose to prominence in the Indian National Congress
– Advocated Hindu–Muslim unity
Significant Contributions– Shaped the 1916 Lucknow Pact
– Proposed fourteen-point constitutional reform plan
Major AchievementFounder of Pakistan
Historical Actions– Led the Lahore Resolution in 1940
– Supervised the establishment of refugee camps post-independence
Legacy Titles– Quaid-e-Azam (“Great Leader”)
– Baba-e-Qaum (“Father of the Nation”)
National HolidayHis birthday, December 25, is observed as a national holiday in Pakistan
ReverenceDeeply respected in Pakistan, with several universities and public buildings named after him
Biographer’s ViewAccording to Stanley Wolpert, Jinnah is considered Pakistan’s greatest leader

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