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Full NameLucius Cornelius Sulla Felix
Birth138 BC
Death78 BC (aged 60)
Place of DeathPuteoli, Italy
Notable CreditConstitutional reforms of Sulla
Offices HeldLegate during Social War (90–89 BC), Consul (88 BC, 80 BC), Proconsul (87–84 BC), Dictator (82–80 BC)
Military Service Years107–82 BC
Major WarsJugurthine War, Cimbrian War, Social War, First Mithridatic War, Sulla’s Civil War
AwardsGrass Crown
OpponentsGaius Marius
SpousesJulia, Aelia, Cloelia, Caecilia, Valeria
ChildrenLucius Cornelius Sulla, Cornelia, Faustus Cornelius Sulla, Cornelia Fausta, Cornelia Postuma
Early LifeBorn into an impoverished branch of the patrician gens Cornelia
Family BackgroundDescendant of Publius Cornelius Sulla; the family had fallen into poverty
Career HighlightsCaptured Jugurtha, fought Germanic tribes in the Cimbrian War, had a pivotal role in the Social War, victorious in the Mithridatic War
Civil WarFirst to seize power through force, marched on Rome, defeated Marian forces
ReformsRevived dictatorship, reformed constitutional laws to restore Senate’s primacy and limit plebeian tribunes’ power
Retirement and DeathResigned dictatorship in 79 BC, retired to private life, and died in 78 BC
LegacySet precedent for military coups in Rome, influenced later leaders like Julius Caesar
Associated with VenusAdopted title Epaphroditos, meaning favored of Aphrodite/Venus

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