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Full NameSappho
Greek NameΣαπφώ (Sapphṓ)
Birth DateAround 630 BC
Death DateAround 570 BC
BirthplaceEresos or Mytilene, Lesbos
OccupationLyric poet
Notable WorksOde to Aphrodite (complete); numerous fragments of lyric poetry
FamilyUncertain parents’ names; three brothers: Charaxos, Larichos, Eurygios
ExileExiled to Sicily around 600 BC
ThemesLove, family, religion
Total Lines ComposedAround 10,000
InfluenceHighly esteemed in antiquity; known as one of the Nine Lyric Poets; continues to influence writers; a symbol of love and desire between women; the words “sapphic” and “lesbian” derive from her name and the name of her home island, Lesbos
StyleClarity of language, vivid imagery, immediacy
LegacyConsidered extraordinary; works continue to influence literature

Sappho Books

Book TitleYear Published
Poems of Sappho
Ode to Aphrodite
Sappho poems1924
Sappho 16
Sappho, the poems and fragments1965
If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho2002
Midnight poem
The Poetry of Sappho2007
Brothers Poem
Tithonus poem
Sappho: Fragments
The poems of Sappho2017
Sappho 2
Stung with Love: Poems and Fragments
Sappho 44
You Burn Me: Poems
The complete poems of Sappho2009
Sappho : a New Translation
The Poems
Wild Nights: Heart Wisdom from Five Women Poets
Sweetbitter Love: Poems of Sappho2006
When a Girl Loves a Girl
Delphi Complete Works of Sappho (Illustrated)
Idylls of Womanhood2016
The Works of Anacreon, Sappho, and Musaeus Translated from the Greek by Francis Fawkes
Supplement Edition: Sappho: The Poems
Nooks and Corners of Cornwall

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