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Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of WhatsApp, also uses the Signal app? Big claim

Photo: Anthony Quintano from Honolulu, HI, United States, CC BY 2.0

SAN FRANCISCO: Security research worker Dev Walker has claimed that Mark Zuckerberg, United Nations agency that owns WhatsApp, conjointly uses the favored electronic messaging app Signal.

According to the small print, once the disputed policy of WhatsApp, a single app has emerged as another, and therefore the variety of users on numerous downloading platforms has seen a record increase. it’s currently claimed that Facebook and WhatsApp house owners use the foremost antagonistic application themselves.

DeWalker created the claim supported leaked information, together with a screenshot of Mark Zuckerberg running one app. the safety research worker conjointly denotes the screen on the social networking website Twitter.

It is doable that Mark Zuckerberg is exploiting the anti-app to see, however, there’s conjointly speak that the one was utilized by the founding father of Facebook as a result of its secure platform. Dave Walker is conjointly same that Mark Zuckerberg’s alleged account has been closed since April five.


He is further than Mark Zuckerberg’s remarks weren’t on the wire. Following the revelation, Signal conjointly mocked Mark Zuckerberg, language that the might fifteen points for acceptive WhatsApp’s Terms of Service was approaching, therefore Mark Zuckerberg has taken the lead in setting an associate example.

There was no confirmation or denial from Facebook on the higher than scenario.

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