Cathie Jung | World’s smallest waist | Height, Weight, Bio & Family


Cathie Jung with the world’s smallest waist, is a remarkable American woman born in 1937. She received worldwide recognition for her unusual talent, holding the Guinness World Record for the smallest waist since 1999. This article delves into Cathie Jung’s intriguing life path, her unrelenting dedication to waist training, and how her astounding feat has left the globe in awe.

Quick Facts

Born: 1937

Nationality: American

Residence: Manteo, NC, United States.

World Record: Smallest waist since 1999

Height: 5 ft 8 in tall

Waist: 38.1 centimeters (15.0 in

Spouse: Bob Jung

Children: 3

Education: Tufts University

Cathie Jung’s Incredible Achievement

Cathie Jung is a true phenomenon in the area of exceptional human achievements. Her name has come to be associated with having the world’s smallest waist. Cathie’s feat is nothing short of astonishing, given her waist measurement of 38.1 centimeters (15.0 inches). With her unusual gift, this Guinness World Record holder has captivated the world, and her story is one of unyielding dedication and persistence.

Cathie Jung _ World’s smallest waist _ Height, Weight, Bio & Family

The Woman Behind the Record

Cathie Jung, born in 1937, is an American Victorian dress and corset lover. Her current residence in Manteo, North Carolina, USA, attests to her love of this bygone age. Cathie Jung, who stands 5 feet 8 inches tall, is noted not just for her small waist but also for her graceful stature.

Cathie Jung’s extraordinary achievement of possessing the world’s tiniest waist is a monument to her steadfast dedication and distinct passion for Victorian clothes and corsets. As we go deeper into this exceptional woman’s life, we discover the essence of what makes her story so compelling.

A Life in Manteo, NC

Cathie Jung’s adventure began in 1937 when she was born in the scenic hamlet of Manteo, North Carolina, USA. This tranquil coastal hamlet would subsequently become synonymous with her extraordinary accomplishments. Cathie’s home in Manteo is a physical symbol of her great attachment to the Victorian era, which she has enthusiastically embraced.

Stature and Elegance

Cathie Jung, who is 5 feet 8 inches tall, not only has the world’s lowest waist but also an elegant stature that fits her extraordinary record. Her tall and graceful stature adds to the mystery around her, making her a true standout in the world of amazing accomplishments.

The Corset Enthusiast

Cathie Jung’s quest to possess the world’s smallest waist began in 1959, shortly before her marriage to orthopedic surgeon Bob Jung. She began her waist training journey at this critical juncture in her life. Waist training is the constant use of corsets to progressively lower waist size, and it became a way of life for Cathie. She committed to wearing corsets 24 hours a day, seven days a week to demonstrate her dedication to her aim.


The Role of Corsets

Cathie Jung’s life has been shaped by corsets, which have shaped both her physique and her fate. Her commitment to this undergarment, which serves as a fashion statement as well as a way of breaking her world record, has been unwavering. Cathie’s story demonstrates that corsets may be more than just a piece of apparel; they can also be a symbol of dedication and personal achievement.

A Loving Family and Education

Cathie Jung’s personal life is equally fascinating as her world record and unique interests. She is happily married to Bob Jung and has three children, one of whom is a girl. Their love story began at Tufts University when Cathie was pursuing a degree in biology. They had no idea that their paths would cross and lead to shared experiences, including Cathie’s incredible triumph.

Cathie Jung’s personal life and scholastic background provide a more in-depth insight into the woman behind the world’s lowest waist.

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Love Story at Tufts University

Cathie Jung’s academic journey led her to Tufts University, where she pursued her studies in biology. It was at Tufts that she crossed paths with her future husband, Bob Jung. Their meeting on campus would mark the beginning of a love story that would stand the test of time.

Bob Jung: The Orthopedic Surgeon

Bob Jung, Cathie’s husband, is an accomplished orthopedic surgeon. His medical expertise has played a significant role in Cathie’s life, particularly in her waist training journey. The support and understanding of her husband have been invaluable in her pursuit of the world record.

A Family of Five

Cathie and Bob Jung’s love blossomed into a family of five, including three children. The dynamics of their family life have undoubtedly been shaped by Cathie’s unique passion for Victorian fashion and waist training. This close-knit family has stood by Cathie through her record-breaking journey.

The Corset Lifestyle

Cathie’s commitment to waist training and constant use of corsets has become an important aspect of her personal life. This lifestyle choice has influenced not only her world record but also her daily routines and interactions.

Cathie Jung’s personal life and education are inextricably linked to her amazing achievements. Her love of Victorian dress, her long marriage to Bob Jung, and her academic aspirations at Tufts University all played important roles in her quest to become the world’s tiniest waist.

The Role of Corsets

Cathie Jung’s quest for the world’s tiniest waist began in 1959, shortly before her marriage to orthopedic surgeon Bob Jung, whom she later married. During this period, she began waist training, a practice that entails wearing corsets on a regular basis to gradually lower the size of one’s waist. Her attention to waist training and the usage of corsets around the clock was critical to her success.

The Unsung Star of Cremaster 2

Cathie Jung’s story is not limited to her record-breaking waist size. She made a unique, albeit uncredited, appearance in the Matthew Barney film “Cremaster 2.” In this avant-garde film, she portrayed the character Baby Fay La Foe, showcasing her versatility and willingness to explore new artistic avenues. Her appearance in this film adds another layer to her already captivating narrative.

Personal Life and Education

Cathie Jung’s personal life is as intriguing as her world record. She is happily married to Bob Jung, and together they have three children, including a daughter. Their love story began during their time at Tufts University, where Cathie was studying biology. Little did they know that this academic pursuit would lead to a lifetime of shared experiences and achievements.


Q1: What is the secret behind Cathie Jung’s record-breaking waist size?

A1: Cathie Jung’s record-breaking waist size is the result of her dedicated practice of waist training, which involves wearing corsets 24/7 over many years.

Q2: How long has Cathie Jung held the Guinness World Record for the smallest waist?

A2: Cathie Jung has held the Guinness World Record for the smallest waist on a living person since 1999.

Q3: What role did Cathie Jung play in the film “Cremaster 2”?

A3: Cathie Jung made an uncredited appearance in the film “Cremaster 2” as Baby Fay La Foe.


Cathie Jung’s extraordinary path to having the world’s lowest waist is proof of the strength of dedication and perseverance. Her love of Victorian dress, dedication to waist training, and world-record exploits have left an unforgettable impression on the world. Cathie Jung’s tale inspires others who dare to pursue their aspirations despite all difficulties, and her name will be eternally associated with the extraordinary.

In conclusion, Cathie Jung’s lowest waist is more than just a record; it demonstrates the incredible potential of human determination and perseverance. Cathie Jung’s legacy as an exceptional talent and an inspiration to many will go on for generations to come, thanks to her spot in the Guinness World Records.

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