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Anil Kapoor wants to leave his wife and marry Kangana Ranaut.


Mumbai: Evergreen Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor has divorced his wife and expressed his desire to marry Kangana Ranaut.

According to Indian media reports, an interview with Kangana Ranaut and Sanjay Dutt in actor Anil Kapoor Karan Johar’s show is going viral very fast in which he talks about leaving his wife Sunita Kapoor and marrying actress Kangana Ranaut.

During the interview, Anil Kapoor was asked which woman can you leave your wife for? In response to this question, actor Anil Kapoor said that

The woman is Kangana Ranaut for whom he can leave his wife.

Kangana asked Anil Kapoor which actress he could leave his wife for. On which Anil Kapoor took his name.

After hearing the actor’s reply, Karan Johar advised Kangana that Kangana should be worried after hearing this answer, to which Anil Kapoor refrained from speaking.

It should be noted that Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor was married to Sunita Kapoor in 1984, with whom he has three children. His daughter Sonam Kapoor is a big name in Bollywood.

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