Egypt bans Netflix series based on Queen Qalapatra

Cairo: Egypt has decided to ban the controversial Netflix series ‘Queen Qaluptra’ filmed on the Pharaonic ruler.

According to a foreign media report, after this decision of Egypt, preparations have been started to produce a new version of this series based on the actual facts.

The series is being produced by Egypt’s official TV channel, which will feature high-quality factual content about the Egyptian ruler. is being taken
In the Netflix series based on Queen Qaluptra, the queen’s complexion is shown to be black, which is not related to reality. An Egyptian lawyer sued Netflix for showing the Queen in black.

Recall that an Egyptian lawyer filed a petition to ban the streaming service in Egypt after the release of the Netflix movie trailer.

Egyptian lawyer Mahmoud al-Samri says that the Netflix documentary has shown and promoted the civilization of Africa instead of Egyptian history, which is trying to defame Egypt by calling it the civilization of Egypt.

However, now the actual facts of the past will be brought to light in the film made by the official Egyptian newspaper.

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