Harnaz Sandhu: The world’s most beautiful woman is under criticism! But why?

2021 Miss Universe Harnaz Sandhu has once again come under the target of social media trolls. Harnaz Sindhu was seen in the finals of Miss Universe 2022. where she took her final walk as Miss Universe and said goodbye to her crown.

Harnaaz’s fans were happy to see her but as soon as the trolls saw that the model had put on weight, they slammed Harnaaz Sindhu. Harnaz is being shamed a lot on social media. Many things are being said about his increased weight.

Fans say that Harnaz Sindhu has very good morals. If they have gained weight, it is their personal matter. But it is not right for people to humiliate them and body shame them. Last year too, Harnaaz Sindhu was trolled because of her weight.

Harnaz Sindhu said that she has Celiac Disease. Due to this disease, she cannot eat wheat flour and other gluten products.

Harnaz Sindhu had said at the time that

She was one of those people who was once ridiculed for being thin and now she is ashamed of being fat.

She said that no one understands my illness. Harnaz Kaur Sandhu says she believes in hard work and luck. Being Miss Universe isn’t just about being skinny.

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