Mahira Khan Gave Priority to Sahir Lodhi over Shah Rukh.

Mahira Khan gave priority to Sahir Lodhi over Shah Rukh


Karachi: Actress Mahira Khan has said that Shah Rukh is my love and friend but Sahir Lodhi is a better choice for hosting.


According to media reports, Mahira Khan said:

“Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan is my love and my friend, they have no connection, but if I am asked to choose between Shah Rukh Khan and Sahir Lodhi, I will choose Sahir Lodhi because they are good hosts. “


Talking on a TV show, Mahira Khan said that Shah Rukh Khan is my favorite and I would always like to work with him. On the choice of Sahir Lodhi, the host of the show called her a liar.

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