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Roger Martin is a famous American professor. He was born on August 4, 1956. His full name is Roger L. Martin. He is well known for his work as a Dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto (1998-2013). He is also known as the “field’s most important thinker”. Martin started his early education in the United States. The name of his wife is Marie-Louise Skafte (m. 2015). This article delves deep into the Roger Martin Biography, Family, Education, career, Awards, and Personal Life.

Quick Facts about Roger Martin Biography

AspectQuick Facts
Full NameRoger L. Martin CM
Birth DateAugust 4, 1956
EducationHarvard College
Athletic AchievementsPlayed for the Harvard Crimson men’s volleyball team
Career StartDirector founded Canadian office and Monitor University
Monitor AchievementsDirector founded the Canadian office and Monitor University
Dean of Rotman SchoolAppointed in September 1998, served until June 2013
Post-Dean PositionLeadership role at the Martin Prosperity Institute
Board MembershipsThomson Reuters Corporation, Skoll Foundation, Tennis Canada
Writing ContributionsRegular columnist for Businessweek, Washington Post, Financial Times, and Harvard Business Review articles
Books Authored“The Responsibility Virus” (2003), “The Opposable Mind” (2007), “The Design of Business” (2009), “Fixing the Game” (2011)
Collaborative Books“The Future of the MBA” (2008) with Mihnea Moldoveanu, “Playing to Win” (2013) with A.G. Lafley
Recent FocusCorporate responsibility, reevaluation of company success metrics, advocacy for executive compensation model changes
RankingsThinkers50: 2nd most influential management thinker in 2019, 5th in 2021, 1st in 2017
Personal LifeMarried Marie-Louise Skafte in October 2015, appointed to the Order of Canada in 2016, New England Patriots fan
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Roger Martin Awards

Thinkers50 Ranked as one of the most influential management thinkers2017, 2019
Order of Canada (CM)2016

Roger Martin Books

Book TitleYear
The Responsibility Virus2003
The Opposable Mind2007
The Design of Business2009
Fixing the Game2011
The Future of the MBA (co-authored with Mihnea Moldoveanu)2008
Diaminds (co-authored with Mihnea Moldoveanu)2009
Canada: What It Is, What It Can Be (co-authored with James Milway)2012
Playing to Win (co-authored with A.G. Lafley)2013

FAQs about Roger Martin Biography

What is the full name of Roger Martin?

The full name of Roger Martin is Roger L. Martin.

What is the Profession of Roger Martin?

Roger Martin is a professor and non-fiction writer.

What is the age of Roger Martin?

Roger Martin is 67 years old.

What is the height of Roger Martin?

The height of Roger Martin is not available.

What is the weight of Roger Martin?

The weight of Roger Martin is not available.

Who is Roger Martin’s wife?

Roger Martin’s wife is Marie-Louise Skafte.

Who is Roger Martin’s Parents?

The information about Roger Martin’s parents is not available.

Who are Roger Martin’s siblings?

The information about Roger Martin’s siblings is not available.

What is the net worth of Roger Martin?

The net worth of Roger Martin is not available.

What is the education of Roger Martin?

Roger Martin earned his MBA from Harvard University and his AB from Harvard University.

What are the major awards Roger Martin received?

The major awards Roger Martin received include being ranked as one of the most influential management thinkers by Thinkers50.

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