Socrates was a famous Greek Philosopher. He was born in 470-399 BC, in Deme Alopece, Athens. He is best known as the founder of Western Philosophy. His father’s name is Sophroniscus who is a stoneworker of his time, and his mother’s name is Phaenarete. Socrates started his early education in Athens, where he learned reading and writing skills. His main interests are Epistemology, Ethics, and Teleology.

He had two wives one was Xanthippe and the other was the daughter of Aristides. He was the father of 3 sons. Socrates died in 399 BC in jail, when he was 71 years old in Athene.

Quick Facts about Socrates Biography

Full NameSocrates
BirthAround 470–469 BC in Athens, Greece
ParentsSophroniscus (father), a stoneworker; Phaenarete (mother), a midwife
EducationBasic literacy skills, followed Athenian education customs; received additional education in gymnastics, poetry, and music
MarriagesMarried twice; first marriage possibly to Xanthippe; second marriage to a daughter of Aristides, an Athenian statesman
ChildrenThree sons with Xanthippe
Military ServiceServed during the Peloponnesian War; distinguished himself in three campaigns, according to Plato
AppearanceNotoriously ugly with a flat turned-up nose, bulging eyes, and a large belly; indifferent to personal hygiene and appearance, dressed modestly
Personal HabitsModerated eating, drinking, and sexual activity; indifferent to material pleasures; attracted to youth for educating their souls
Political StanceDid not take sides in the Athenian political rivalry between democrats and oligarchs; criticized both sides
DeathSentenced to death in 399 BC after a trial for impiety and corrupting the youth; died by drinking poison hemlock in prison, refusing escape opportunities
Last Words“Crito, we owe a rooster to Asclepius. Don’t forget to pay the debt.”

Quotes, Death, & Legacy

ProfessionThe central figure in the Western philosophical tradition
Philosophical FocusEthics, virtue, and the examined life
Teaching MethodSocratic method – dialogue and elenchus
Famous Quotes“The unexamined life is not worth living.”
Trial and DeathAccused in 399 BC, sentenced to death, refused escape
Influence on PhilosophyThe founder of Western philosophy influenced Plato
Written RecordsAuthored no texts; known through Plato, Xenophon
Socratic ProblemFounder of Western philosophy influenced Plato
LegacyContinues to influence modern philosophy
ContemporariesPlato, Xenophon, Aristophanes, Aristotle
Historical SignificancePotentially a stonemason; the exact profession uncertain
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FAQs about Socrates Biography

What is the full name of Socrates?

The full name of Socrates is Socrates.

What is the profession of Socrates?

Socrates’s profession is a philosopher.

What is the age of Socrates?

The age of Socrates is 71, and he lived from 470 to 399 BC.

What is the height of Socrates?

The height of Socrates is unknown.

What is the weight of Socrates?

The weight of Socrates is unknown.

Who is Socrates’s wife?

Socrates’s wife is Xanthippe.

Who are Socrates’s parents?

Socrates’s parents are Sophroniscus and Phaenarete.

Who are Socrates’s siblings?

Socrates’s siblings are unknown.

What is the net worth of Socrates?

The net worth of Socrates is unknown.

What is the education of Socrates?

The education of Socrates followed the laws and customs of Athens, including basic skills in reading, writing, and additional lessons in various fields.

What are the major awards Socrates received?

Socrates did not receive any major awards.

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