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Saleem Ali is a famous Pakistani American Australian professor. He was born in 1973 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, U.S. His father’s name is Dr. Shaukat Ali (1923-2003), he was a professor of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts. His mother name is Dr. Parveen Shaukat Ali (born 1933). He has two siblings Irfana Qadir and Farzana Hassan.

He started his early education in the US. He visited more than 160 countries and is also known for his work on environmental conflict resolution. The name of his wife is Maria, a famous psychologist and the sister of Pakistan-American Artist Amr Kashmiri. Saleem Ali is the father of two sons and their names are Dr. Shahmir Ali and Shahroze Ali.

Quick Facts about Saleem Ali Biography

CategoryQuick Facts
Birth Year1973
NationalityPakistani American Australian
Current PositionBlue and Gold Distinguished Professor of Energy and
the Environment at the University of Delaware
Previous PositionsChair in Sustainable Resources Development at the
University of Queensland; Professor of Environmental
Studies at the University of Vermont
AffiliationsHonorary Professor at the University of Queensland;
Senior Fellow at Columbia University’s Center on Sustainable
Investment; Fellow at the Gund Institute; Senior Fellow
of the Foreign Policy Research Institute
Key ContributionsEnvironmental conflict resolution, sustainable resources
development, planetary sustainability
Notable Titles“The Alchemist” (Forbes Magazine, 2009); “Treasures of
the Earth: Need Greed and a Sustainable Future” (Book, 2009)
Global RecognitionsYoung Global Leader (World Economic Forum); Emerging
Explorer (National Geographic); Revolutionary Mind (Seed Magazine)
Research FocusMultiscale environmental conflicts, ecological factors
promoting peace, environmental education in madrasahs
Global PanelsUnited Nations International Resource Panel, Science
Panel of the Global Environment Facility, World Commission
on Protected Areas, IUCN Taskforce on Transboundary Conservation
Educational BackgroundPh.D. in Environmental Planning (MIT); M.E.S. in Environmental
Law and Policy (Yale University); B.A. in Chemistry (Tufts University)
Family BackgroundBorn to Pakistani immigrant parents; Father, Dr. Shaukat Ali,
Professor of Political Science; Mother, Dr. Parveen Shaukat Ali,
Vice Principal of Forman Christian College; Two sisters,
Irfana Qadir and Farzana Hassan
Personal LifeMarried to Maria, a psychologist; Two sons, Dr. Shahmir Ali and Shahroze Ali
LanguagesProficient in English and Urdu
MiscellaneousMultiscale environmental conflicts, ecological factors
promoting peace, and environmental education in madrasahs
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Saleem Ali Bibliography

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Islam and Education: Conflict and Conformity in Pakistan’s MadrassahsSaleem H. AliOxford University Press2009
Treasures of the Earth: Need, Greed and a Sustainable FutureSaleem H. AliYale University Press2009
Environmental Diplomacy: Negotiating More Effective Global AgreementsLawrence Susskind and Saleem H. AliOxford University Press2014
Diplomacy on Ice: Energy and the Environment in the Arctic and AntarcticRebecca Pincus and Saleem H. Ali (eds.)Yale University Press2015
Africa’s Mineral FortuneSaleem H. Ali, Kathryn Sturman and Nina Collins (eds.)Routledge2018
Earthly Order: How Natural Laws Define Human LifeSaleem H. AliOxford University Press2022
Soil to Foil: Aluminum and the Quest for Industrial SustainabilitySaleem H. AliColumbia University Press2023

FAQs about Saleem Ali Biography

What is the full name of Saleem Ali?

Saleem Ali’s full name is Saleem H. Ali.

What is the Profession of Saleem Ali?

Saleem Ali is a professor and academic specializing in environmental studies, conflict resolution, and international relations.

What is the age of Saleem Ali?

Saleem Ali is 49 years old.

What is the height of Saleem Ali?

The height of Saleem Ali is not available.

What is the weight of Saleem Ali?

The weight of Saleem Ali is not available.

Who is Saleem Ali’s wife?

Saleem Ali’s wife is Maria Ali, who is a psychologist by training.

Who are Saleem Ali’s parents?

Saleem Ali’s parents are Dr. Shaukat Ali and Dr. Parveen Shaukat Ali.

Who are Saleem Ali’s siblings?

Saleem Ali has two siblings: Irfana Qadir and Farzana Hassan.

What is the net worth of Saleem Ali?

The net worth of Saleem Ali is not specified in the given information.

What is the education of Saleem Ali?

Doctorate in environmental planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a Master’s degree in environmental law, & Policy from Yale University, and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Tufts University.

What are the major awards Saleem Ali received?

Saleem Ali has received several major awards, including the Young Global Leader award, the National Geographic Society Emerging Explorer Award, and being elected as a member of the United Nations International Resource Panel, among others.

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