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Mary Ann Shadd was a famous American-Canadian journalist, teacher, publisher, lawyer, and anti-slavery activist. She was born on October 9, 1823, in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S. She died on June 5, 1893, at the age of 69 in Washington, D.C., U.S. She is currently resting in Columbian Harmony Cemetery. She married Thomas F. Cary in 1856 and was the mother of 2 children. She started primary education in her hometown and graduated from Howard University (School of Law).

She was well known for her activism work worldwide. University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada created a bronze statue of Mary Ann Shadd in May 2022. This statue is created by local artist Donna Mayne. She was also featured in a test study guide for Canada’s citizenship in 2009. The New York Times published a belated obituary for Mary Ann Shadd in 2018.

Quick Facts

Full NameMary Ann Camberton Shadd Cary
Date of BirthOctober 9, 1823
Place of BirthWilmington, Delaware, U.S.
Date of DeathJune 5, 1893
Place of DeathWashington, D.C., U.S.
ProfessionAnti-slavery activist, journalist, publisher, teacher, lawyer
SpouseThomas F. Cary
ParentsAbraham D. Shadd (father), Harriet Burton Parnell (mother)
SiblingsEunice P. Shadd (sister), Isaac Shadd (brother), Garrison W. Shadd (brother)
Notable Achievements– First black woman publisher in North America
– Second black woman to attend law school in the United States
– Established the newspaper “Provincial Freeman” advocating for equality and education for black people

FAQs about Mary Ann Shadd Biography

What is the full name of Mary Ann Shadd?

Mary Ann Shadd’s full name is Mary Ann Camberton Shadd Cary.

What is the Profession of Mary Ann Shadd?

Mary Ann Shadd was an anti-slavery activist, journalist, publisher, teacher, and lawyer.

What is the age of Mary Ann Shadd?

Mary Ann Shadd Cary passed away at the age of 69.

Who is Mary Ann Shadd’s spouse?

Mary Ann Shadd Cary’s spouse was Thomas F. Cary.

Who are Mary Ann Shadd’s Parents?

Mary Ann Shadd Cary’s parents were Abraham D. Shadd and Harriet Burton Parnell.

Who are Mary Ann Shadd’s siblings?

Mary Ann Shadd Cary had two siblings: Eunice P. Shadd (sister) and Isaac Shadd (brother).

What is the net worth of Mary Ann Shadd?

The net worth of Mary Ann Shadd Cary is not readily available.

What is the education of Mary Ann Shadd?

Mary Ann Shadd Cary attended Howard University Law School.

What are the major awards Mary Ann Shadd received?

While Mary Ann Shadd Cary received recognition for her contributions to civil rights, specific major awards are not available.

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