Max Planck

Quick Facts

NameMax Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck
Born23 April 1858, Kiel, Duchy of Holstein, German Confederation
Died4 October 1947 (aged 89), Göttingen, Lower Saxony, Bizone, Allied-occupied Germany
EducationUniversity of Munich (PhD, 1879)
Known ForQuantum theory, Planck’s constant
SpousesMarie Merck (m. 1887; died 1909), Marga von Hösslin (m. 1911)
AwardsNobel Prize in Physics for his quantum theory (1918), Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences (1926), Lorentz Medal (1927), Copley Medal (1929), Max Planck Medal (1929), Goethe Prize (1945)
InstitutionsUniversity of Kiel, University of Göttingen, Kaiser Wilhelm Society
ThesisÜber den zweiten Hauptsatz der mechanischen Wärmetheorie (On the Second Principles of Mechanical Heat Theory) (1879)
Doctoral AdvisorAlexander von Brill, Gustav Kirchhoff, Hermann von Helmholtz
Notable Contributions– Originator of quantum theory – Discoverer of energy quanta – Formulator of Planck’s constant – President of the German scientific institution Kaiser Wilhelm Society
Early Life & Education– Born into a traditional, intellectual family – Showed mathematical talents at an early age – Enrolled in the University of Munich for his PhD at age 17

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