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Atiur Rehman is a famous Bangladeshi author, banker, and economist. He was born on August 3, 1951, in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. He married to Shahana Rahman. He is also known for serving as the 10th governor of Bangladesh Bank. Rehman started early education at Mirzapur Cadet College. He completed his degree of BSS & MSS from the University of Dhaka. In 1977, he earned PhD degree from the SOAS, University of London. He received numerous awards in his life including World No Tobacco Day Award in 2012 and Bangla Academy Literary Award in 2016.

Quick Facts

Full NameAtiur Rahman
Date of BirthAugust 3, 1951
Place of BirthJamalpur, East Bengal, Pakistan (Now Mymensingh, Bangladesh)
ProfessionEconomist, Author, Banker
SpouseShahana Rahman
Education– BSS and MSS degrees in Economics from the University of Dhaka
– Ph.D. from SOAS, University of London
Major Achievements– Served as the 10th Governor of Bangladesh Bank
– Introduced changes in the banking industry, leading to increased foreign exchange reserves
– Instituted automation and digitization in the banking sector
– Created the National Payment Switch, Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer Network (BEFTN), and Bangladesh Automated Clearing House (BACH)
Notable Awards– World No Tobacco Day Award (2012)
– Bangla Academy Literary Award (2016)
Notable Contributions– Known as “the banker of the poor” for his contributions to the Bangladeshi economy
– Resigned as central bank governor following the cyber hacking and theft of US$101 million in foreign reserves from Bangladesh Bank’s account held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Personal Life– Married to Shahana Rahman, a professor of pediatrics at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University
– Has three daughters
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Atiur Rahman Books

TitleShort NameYear
Nai Nai Voy, Hobe Hobe Joy, PanjereeNai Nai Voy
Tabo Bhovone Tabo Bhovne: AnyaprokashTabo Bhovone
Agami Diner Bangladesh: Ekusa sataker Unnayana BhabanaAgami Diner
Alo andharer Bangladesh: Manab Unnayaner Sambhabana O CyalenjaAlo andharer
Apaunnayan: Samakalin Bangladesher Arthaniti, Samajniti, PyapirasaApaunnayan
Asahajoger Dinguli: Muktijuddher PrastutiparbaAsahajoger Dinguli
Bangladesher Arek Nam: Bangabandhu Sheikh MujibBangladesher Arek Nam
Bangladesher Unnayan Kon PatheUnnayan Kon Pathe
Bhasha Andolan Theke MuktijuddhaBhasha Andolan
Bangobondhu SohojpatBangobondhu Sohojpat
Janaganer Bajet: Amsagrahanamulaka PariprekshitaJanaganer Bajet
Nirbachita PrabandhaNirbachita Prabandha
Muktijuddher Manush: Muktijuddher SwapnaMuktijuddher Manush
Susaner Sandhane AnyaprakasSusaner Sandhane
Svapnera Bangladesh, Khunje PheraSvapnera Bangladesh
Taba Bhubane Taba Vabane: Rabindranather Arthasamajik Vabana-bisayayak RacanasangkalanTaba Bhubane
Unnayan alap: Arthaniti, Paribesa O Unnayana BitarkaUnnayan alap
Beel Dakatia: The Environmental Consequences of a Development DisasterBeel Dakatia
Early Impact of Grameen, a Multi-Dimensional AnalysisEarly Impact of Grameen
Education for Development: Lessons from East Asia for BangladeshEducation for Development
Peasants and Classes: A Study in Differentiation in BangladeshPeasants and Classes
People’s Report, 2002–2003, Bangladesh EnvironmentPeople’s Report 2002–2003
People’s Report, 2004–2005: Bangladesh EnvironmentPeople’s Report 2004–2005
Sustainable Environment Management Programme (Bangladesh)Sustainable Environment Management Programme

FAQs about Atiur Rahman’s Biography

What is the full name of Atiur Rahman?

The full name of Atiur Rahman is Atiur Rahman.

What is the profession of Atiur Rahman?

Atiur Rahman is an economist and banker.

What is the age of Atiur Rahman?

Atiur Rahman was born on August 3, 1951, making him 72 years old as of now.

What is the height of Atiur Rahman?

The height information of Atiur Rahman is not available.

What is the weight of Atiur Rahman?

The weight information of Atiur Rahman is not available.

Who is Atiur Rahman’s spouse?

Atiur Rahman’s spouse is Shahana Rahman.

Who are Atiur Rahman’s parents?

Atiur Rahman’s father was a landless farmer, and his mother’s name is not mentioned.

Who are Atiur Rahman’s siblings?

Information about Atiur Rahman’s siblings is not available.

What is the net worth of Atiur Rahman?

Net worth information is not available.

What is the education of Atiur Rahman?

Atiur Rahman earned his BSS and MSS degrees in Economics from the University of Dhaka. He completed his Ph.D. at SOAS, University of London.

What are the major awards Atiur Rahman received?

Atiur Rahman received the World No Tobacco Day Award in 2012 and the Bangla Academy Literary Award in 2016.

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