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Bela Bartok was a famous Hungarian pianist, composer, and ethnomusicologist. He was born on 25 March 1881 in Nagyszentmiklós, Kingdom of Hungary. He died on 26 September 1945 at the age of 64. He married to Márta Ziegler in the early days of his life. He started early education in his hometown and completed musical education at Royal Academy of Music in Budapest.

Bartok major contributions are the Collection and analytical study of folk music, contributing to the field of ethnomusicology, Distinctive compositional style blending folk elements with modernist techniques, Compositions such as “Concerto for Orchestra,” “Mikrokosmos,” and “Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta”.

Quick Facts

Full NameBéla Viktor János Bartók
Date of BirthMarch 25, 1881
Place of BirthNagyszentmiklós, Kingdom of Hungary (present-day Sânnicolau Mare, Romania)
ParentsFather: Béla Bartók; Mother: Paula Bartók (née Voit)
SiblingsSister: Erzsébet
Early Musical TalentDisplayed exceptional musical ability from a young age; could distinguish between different dance rhythms before learning to speak in complete sentences
EducationStudied music at the Royal Academy of Music in Budapest
Marital StatusMarried to Márta Ziegler
ChildrenNo available information
ProfessionComposer, pianist, and ethnomusicologist
Notable Works– “Concerto for Orchestra” – “Romanian Folk Dances” – “Mikrokosmos” – “Bluebeard’s Castle” – “Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta” – “The Miraculous Mandarin”
Awards and Honors– Kossuth Prize (1943) – Order of the Flag of the Hungarian People’s Republic (1948) – Légion d’honneur (1926)
DeathSeptember 26, 1945 (aged 64)
LegacyConsidered one of the most important composers of the 20th century; regarded alongside Franz Liszt as one of Hungary’s greatest composers
Musical StyleKnown for blending elements of Hungarian and Eastern European folk music with modernist compositional techniques; characterized by rhythmic vitality, dissonance, and rich harmonies
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Béla Bartók’s Compositions

Concerto for OrchestraOrchestral
Romanian Folk DancesSolo piano
Bluebeard’s CastleOpera
Music for Strings, Percussion and CelestaOrchestral
The Miraculous MandarinBallet
Viola ConcertoConcerto
Piano Concerto No. 3Concerto
Violin Concerto No. 2Concerto
44 Duos for Two ViolinsChamber
Allegro barbaroSolo piano
Divertimento for String OrchestraOrchestral
Sonata for Solo ViolinSolo violin
The Wooden PrinceBallet
Piano Concerto No. 2Concerto
String Quartet No. 4Chamber
String Quartet No. 1Chamber
Dance SuiteOrchestral
Piano SonataSolo piano
Rhapsody No. 1Solo piano
Piano Concerto No. 1Concerto
Sonata for Two Pianos and PercussionChamber
Violin Concerto No. 1Concerto
SonatinaSolo piano
Suite, Op. 14Orchestral
String Quartet No. 6Chamber
String Quartet No. 2Chamber
String Quartet No. 3Chamber
14 BagatellesSolo piano
String Quartet No. 5Chamber
Cantata ProfanaChoral
Hungarian PicturesSolo piano
Fifteen Hungarian Peasant SongsVoice with piano accompaniment
An Evening at the VillageSolo piano
Ten Easy Pieces, Sz. 39, BB 51Solo piano
MaruntelSolo piano
BuciumeanaSolo piano
Twenty Hungarian FolksongsSolo piano
Romanian Christmas CarolsVoice with piano accompaniment
The BarbarianSolo piano
Études de BartókSolo piano
Sonate pour violon et piano no 1 de BartókChamber
Nine Little Piano PiecesSolo piano
Two Romanian DancesSolo piano
Slovakian DanceSolo piano
Piano Method (Zongoraiskola), BB 66, Sz. 52Instructional
Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra, BB 36b (op. 1)Orchestral
Two Pictures: I. In voller BlüteSolo piano
Hungarian Folk Tunes: III.Solo piano

FAQs about Bela Bartok Biography

What is the full name of Béla Bartók?

Full name of Béla Bartók: Béla Viktor János Bartók

What is the profession of Béla Bartók?

Profession of Béla Bartók: Composer, pianist, and ethnomusicologist

What is the age of Béla Bartók?

Age of Béla Bartók (at the time of death): He was born on March 25, 1881, and died on September 26, 1945, making him 64 years old at the time of his death.

What is the height of Béla Bartók?

Height of Béla Bartók: There is no available information regarding his height.

What is the weight of Béla Bartók?

Weight of Béla Bartók: There is no available information regarding his weight.

Who is Béla Bartók’s spouse?

Spouse of Béla Bartók: He was married to Márta Ziegler.

Who are Béla Bartók’s parents?

Parents of Béla Bartók: His father was Béla Bartók, and his mother was Paula Bartók (née Voit).

Who are Béla Bartók’s siblings?

Siblings of Béla Bartók: He had a sister named Erzsébet.

What is the net worth of Béla Bartók?

Net worth of Béla Bartók: There is no available information regarding his net worth.

What is the education of Béla Bartók?

Education of Béla Bartók: He studied music at the Royal Academy of Music in Budapest.

What are the major awards Béla Bartók received?

Major awards received by Béla Bartók: Some of the major awards Bartók received include the Kossuth Prize (1943), the Order of the Flag of the Hungarian People’s Republic (1948), and the Légion d’honneur (1926).

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