Democritus was a famous Ancient Greek Philosopher. He was born on c.460 BC in Abdera, Thrace. He died on c.370 BC. He was best known for his formulation of an atomic theory of the universe. His works on philosophy and science left an indelible mark for explorers and thinkers to come. His philosophical works consist of various fields including nature, ethics, and cosmology.

Quick Facts

Full NameDemocritus
BornAround 460 BC
Place of BirthAbdera, Thrace
DiedAround 370 BC
EraPre-Socratic philosophy
RegionWestern philosophy
Main InterestsNature
Notable IdeasAtoms and the void as the fundamental constituents of the physical world
ContributionFormulation of an atomic theory of the universe
Surviving WorksNone
LegacySignificant influence on the development of philosophical and scientific thought
AnecdotesClaims of living to a very old age, over a hundred years at the time of death
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Democritus Works

“On Nature”Discusses universe structure and the eternal cycle of worlds.
“On the Mind”Explores psychology, perception, and thought.
“On the Senses”Investigates human senses and perception.
“Cosmology”Discusses universe structure and eternal cycle of worlds.
“Ethics”Explores virtues, happiness, and moral philosophy.
“Meteorology”Studies weather and atmospheric phenomena.
“Mathematics”Contributions to geometry, arithmetic, and infinity.
“Astronomy”Investigates celestial bodies and cosmic laws.
“Medicine”Discusses health, diet, and healing practices.

FAQs about Democritus Biography

What is the full name of Democritus?

The full name of Democritus is Democritus.

What is the Profession of Democritus?

The profession of Democritus was a Philosopher.

What is the age of Democritus?

Democritus was born around 460 BC and died around 370 BC. So, he lived to be approximately 90 years old.

What is the height of Democritus?

There is no reliable historical record of Democritus’s height.

What is the weight of Democritus?

There is no historical record of Democritus’s weight.

Who is Democritus’s spouse?

Democritus’s marital status and spouse, if any, are not recorded in historical sources.

Who are Democritus’s Parents?

Democritus’s parents are not explicitly mentioned in historical records.

Who are Democritus’s siblings?

Democritus’s siblings, if any, are not mentioned in historical records.

What is the net worth of Democritus?

There is no historical record of Democritus’s net worth.

What is the education of Democritus?

Democritus’s specific education is not well-documented, but he likely received a traditional Greek education which would have included instruction in philosophy, mathematics, rhetoric, and other subjects.

What are the major awards Democritus received?

There are no major awards or honors recorded for Democritus in historical sources.

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