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Gabriela Mistral was a famous Chilean Poet-Diplomat, Catholic, and Educator. She was born on 7 April 1889 in Vicuña, Chile. She died in January 1957 at the age of 67 years in Hempstead, New York. She was awarded for her notable works in literature with the Nobel Prize in 1945. Gabriela’s poems are so interesting that Suman Pokhrel translated them into Nepali.

Quick Facts

Full NameLucila de María del Perpetuo Socorro Godoy Alcayaga
Birth DateApril 7, 1889
Birth PlaceVicuña, Chile
Death DateJanuary 10, 1957
Death PlaceHempstead, New York
OccupationEducator, Diplomat, Poet
Notable AwardsNobel Prize in Literature (1945)
Themes in Her PoetryNature, betrayal, love, motherhood, sorrow, recovery, travel, Latin American identity
Early LifeRaised in Montegrande, Chile; attended primary school taught by her sister; faced financial struggles; worked as a teacher’s aide at 15
First Published PoemsEnsoñaciones, Carta Íntima, Junto al Mar (1904)
First Literary WorkSonetos de la muerte (1914)
Pen NameGabriela Mistral (used since 1908)
Debut BookDesolación (1922)
Second BookTernura (1924)
Influence on Latin American PoetryExplored themes of death and life; won first prize in national literary contest Juegos Florales
Pseudonym OriginCombination of favorite poets’ names (Gabriele D’Annunzio and Frédéric Mistral) or Archangel Gabriel and mistral wind of Provence
Career as EducatorFaced challenges accessing good schools; rejected from Normal School; advocated for educational reform and increased access to schools
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Gabriela Mistral Books

TitleYear Published
Rondas de Gabriela Mistral1957
Madwomen: the Locas Mujeres Poems of Gabriela Mistral, a Bilingual Edition
Gabriela Mistral para niños1994
Gabriela Mistral’s Letters to Doris Dana2009
Selected prose and prose-poems
This America of ours2003
Invitación a Gabriela Mistral
Lecturas para mujeres1923
Poesia Infantil
Poema de Chile
Bendita mi lengua sea2021
Sonetos de la Muerte1915
Poemas de las madres =1950
Cartas de Amor y Desamor2009
Ronda De Astros
Motivos de San Francisco
Gabriela Mistral en verso y prosa
Poesías completas

Gabriela Mistral Works

1914Sonetos de la muerte (“Sonnets of Death”)
1922Desolación (“Despair”)
1923Lecturas para Mujeres (“Readings for Women”)
1924Ternura: canciones de niños
1934Nubes Blancas y Breve Descripción de Chile
1938Tala (“Harvesting”)
1941Antología: Selección de Gabriela Mistral
1952Los sonetos de la muerte y otros poemas elegíacos
1957Recados: Contando a Chile
1957Croquis mexicanos; Gabriela Mistral en México
1958Poesías completas
1967Poema de Chile (“Poem of Chile”)
1992Lagar II

FAQs about Gabriela Mistral Biography

What is the full name of Gabriela Mistral?

The full name of Gabriela Mistral is Lucila de María del Perpetuo Socorro Godoy Alcayaga.

What is the Profession of Gabriela Mistral?

Gabriela Mistral was an educator, diplomat, and poet.

What is the age of Gabriela Mistral?

Gabriela Mistral passed away at the age of 67 on January 10, 1957.

What is the height of Gabriela Mistral?

Information about the height of Gabriela Mistral is not available.

What is the weight of Gabriela Mistral?

Information about the weight of Gabriela Mistral is not available.

Who is Gabriela Mistral’s spouse?

Gabriela Mistral’s marital status or spouse information will be updated soon.

Who are Gabriela Mistral’s Parents?

Gabriela Mistral’s parents were Juan Gerónimo Godoy Villanueva and Petronila Alcayaga.

Who are Gabriela Mistral’s siblings?

Gabriela Mistral had an older sister named Emelina Molina.

What is the net worth of Gabriela Mistral?

Information about the net worth of Gabriela Mistral is not available.

What is the education of Gabriela Mistral?

Gabriela Mistral’s educational background is not detailed in the provided text, but she pursued a career in teaching and later became a prominent poet.

What are the major awards Gabriela Mistral received?

Gabriela Mistral was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1945 for her lyric poetry.

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