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In the glittering world of Hollywood, where celebrity and riches frequently collide, actress Elizabeth Ann Behrs, also known as Beth Behrs, has carved out her place. Beth Behrs, who was born on December 26, 1985, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has become a household name because of her prominent roles in cinema and television. While her talent as an actress is obvious on-screen, her path extends beyond the characters she plays, into the realms of entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and the written word.

Quick Facts about Beth Behrs Net Worth & Biography

AspectQuick Fact
Full NameElizabeth Ann Behrs
Date of BirthDecember 26, 1985
Place of BirthLancaster, Pennsylvania
FamilyDaughter of David Behrs (college administrator) and Maureen Behrs (first-grade teacher)
SiblingsOne younger sister
Early Life LocationsLancaster, Virginia; Springfield, Virginia; Lynchburg, Virginia; Marin County, California
EducationE.C. Glass High School; Tamalpais High School; American Conservatory Theater; UCLA
Debut Film“American Pie Presents: The Book of Love” (2009)
Breakthrough RoleCaroline Channing in “2 Broke Girls”
Other Notable Works“Monsters University,” “Hello, My Name Is Doris,” “The Neighborhood”
Ventures Beyond ActingAuthor of “The Total Me-Tox,” Co-creator of the webcomic “Dents”
PhilanthropyFounder of the SheHerdPower Foundation
MarriageMarried actor Michael Gladis in 2018; Daughter Emma George Gladis born in June 2022
Interest in Equine TherapyStarted equine therapy in 2011 to manage panic attacks and anxiety
Noteworthy AwardsNominations for Teen and People’s Choice Awards for “2 Broke Girls”
Post-“2 Broke Girls” CareerStarred in “The Neighborhood,” appeared in “Hello, My Name Is Doris,” and various TV shows
Literary WorksCo-created the webcomic “Dents”; Authored “The Total Me-Tox”
Net WorthSpecific figures not publicly disclosed; Subject to change based on recent ventures
Personal EndeavorsHosts “Harmonics with Beth Behrs” podcast, interviewing country and bluegrass singers

Early Life and Education: Foundations of Stardom

Beth Behrs, who was born on December 26, 1985, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, began her career against the backdrop of a supportive family. Beth Behrs, the elder daughter of David Behrs, a college administrator, and Maureen Behrs, a first-grade teacher, grew up in a family atmosphere that encouraged both academic brilliance and artistic expression.

In 1989, the Behrs family moved to Springfield, Virginia, and then to Lynchburg, Virginia, where Beth spent her youth. Her first exposure to the world of performance arts was at the age of four when she made her theatrical debut. Notably, she juggled her acting enthusiasm with active engagement in football, demonstrating a varied range of interests even as a child.

At the age of 15, the family relocated to Marin County, California. Beth Behrs attended Tamalpais High School, where she became involved in the acclaimed acting program. This was a watershed moment in her life, defining her identity as an actress. Behrs’ career continued after graduating from Tamalpais High School in 2004.

Her interest in the performing arts led her to the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, where she studied dramatic expressiveness. During this period, she demonstrated her musical abilities by appearing in shows such as “Dangling Conversations: The Music of Simon and Garfunkel” and acting in plays such as “Korczak’s Children” and “A Bright Room Called Day.” Beth Behrs displayed a commitment to classical training as a vocalist even at this early level, establishing the groundwork for her varied skill set.

Higher Education and Scholarly Recognition

In 2004, the young actress relocated to Los Angeles, California, where she enrolled at the UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television. She honed her craft here, auditioning for jobs in her senior year while getting a bachelor’s degree in critical studies in 2008. Notably, Behrs’ dedication was recognized when she received a Young Musician’s Foundation Vocal Scholarship upon graduation.

Beth Behrs’ journey from Marin County theatre stages to the bustling streets of Los Angeles marked the start of a spectacular career. Her upbringing and schooling not only indicate a love of the arts but also the discipline and dedication that would drive her into the spotlight in the years to come.

Beth_Behrs picture

The Blossoming Career: From Stage to Screen

Beth Behrs’ rise in the entertainment world began in 2009 when she made her cinematic debut in “American Pie Presents: The Book of Love.” Her abilities were quickly recognized on television, with guest roles on renowned shows such as NCIS: Los Angeles and Castle. However, it was her breakout role as Caroline Channing in the CBS sitcom “2 Broke Girls” that catapulted her to fame. The success of the show lasted six seasons, winning Behrs awards and nominations.

Following “2 Broke Girls,” Behrs expanded her filmography with films such as “Chasing Eagle Rock” and “Hello, My Name Is Doris.” She voiced cartoon characters before returning to television in 2018 as the lead in the CBS sitcom “The Neighbourhood.”

Beth Behrs, the Author and Philanthropist

Behrs’ talent extends beyond acting, including the young-adult webcomic “Dents” and a self-help book titled “The Total Me-Tox: How to Ditch Your Diet, Move Your Body, and Love Your Life.” “Dents,” which was inspired by X-Men comics, addresses topics of sexuality, feminism, and environmental challenges, demonstrating Behrs’ devotion to varied storytelling.

In the domain of philanthropy, Behrs established the SheHerdPower Foundation, which serves as a beacon of hope for victims of sexual assault. This program combines women with horses to provide a unique type of rehabilitation and empowerment.

Beth Behrs Awards

Teen Choice AwardsChoice TV Breakout Star: Female (Nominated)2012
People’s Choice AwardsFavorite New TV Comedy (Nominated)2012
Young Hollywood AwardsExciting New Cast (Won – “2 Broke Girls”)2012
Critics’ Choice Television AwardsBest Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series (Nominated)2014
People’s Choice AwardsFavorite TV Gal Pals (Nominated)2015
Teen Choice AwardsChoice TV Chemistry (Nominated)2015

Personal Life: Love & Family

Beth Behrs’ personal life exemplifies her varied personality. They married in 2018 at Moose Creek Ranch in Victor, Idaho, after becoming engaged in 2016. Emma George Gladis, the couple’s daughter, was born in June 2022.

Behrs found comfort away from the dazzle of Hollywood in equine therapy, a practice she began in 2011 to deal with panic attacks and anxiety that had plagued her since adolescence. This endeavor resulted in the formation of the SheHerdPower Foundation, which embodies Behrs’ desire to create a good influence outside of the screen.

Beth Behrs Net Worth: Unraveling the Finances

Beyond the spotlight, Beth Behrs’ financial success creates a picture of a thriving career. While particular amounts are difficult to come by, her contributions to film, television, and books have surely increased her net worth.

An updated estimate of Beth Behrs’ net worth may require current financial declarations or industry studies as of my last knowledge update in January 2022. Her continuous performance ventures, book sales, and charity initiatives all contribute to her financial situation.



2009American Pie Presents: The Book of LoveHeidi 
2011Adventures of Serial BuddiesBrittany 
2012Route 30, Too!Alien girl 
2013Monsters UniversityCarrie Williams, Britney Davis, Crystal Du Bois, Heather Olson, Taylor Holbrook, Naomi Jackson 
2015Chasing Eagle RockDeborah 
2015Hello, My Name Is DorisBrooklyn 


2010NCIS: Los AngelesFemale caroler 
2011Pretty ToughRegen 
2011–172 Broke GirlsCaroline Wesbox Channing 
201440th People’s Choice AwardsHerself 
2015Repeat After Me  
2016Home: Adventures with Tip & OhMoochie 
2018The Big Bang TheoryNell 
2018–presentThe NeighborhoodGemma Johnson 

FAQs About Beth Behrs Net Worth

1. What is Beth Behrs’ most successful project to date?

Beth Behrs’ most successful project to date is arguably the CBS sitcom “2 Broke Girls,” where she played the lead role of Caroline Channing.

2. How did Beth Behrs enter the world of equine therapy?

Beth Behrs began equine therapy in 2011 as a means to manage panic attacks and anxiety that she had experienced since her teenage years.

3. What inspired Behrs to create the young-adult webcomic “Dents”?

“Dents” is inspired by X-Men comics and delves into themes such as sexuality, feminism, and environmental issues. Behrs co-created the webcomic with her childhood friend Matt Doyle.

In Conclusion:

Beth Behrs’ path from a little town to the glitzy world of Hollywood demonstrates her brilliance, tenacity, and love of diverse storytelling. Aside from the glitz and glamour, she is an author, philanthropist, and equine therapy advocate, demonstrating a commitment to make a positive influence both on and off the screen. While her net worth is unknown, the ultimate measure of her fortune is the diverse legacy she continues to establish.


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