Actress Sanam Saeed’s desire to work in Bollywood.

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Famous Pakistani actress Sanam Saeed has said that she loves to work in Bollywood.

Actress Sanam Saeed was working for an Indian horror web series ‘Killer of beautiful beauties’, the trailer of which has also been released.

According to the Express Tribune, in an online event held in connection with this web series, actress Sanam Saeed has revealed, that she is interested in working in Bollywood.

And she wants to make her debut in this industry with Aamir Khan.

Talking about one of her roles in the web series, the actress said that she has never done such a role before.

But working in this series does not mean that she will also work on Indian television.

It may be recalled that Sanam Saeed’s first web series ‘In the Name of Killer Beauty’ will feature Sarwat Gilani, Mehrabano, Iman Suleiman, Faiza Gilani, Beau Rana Zafar, Samia Mumtaz and Samia Arif among others.

The web series will be released on December 10 next month on the Indian streaming website ‘Zee Five’, in which Sanam Saeed will be seen playing the role of a bold girl named ‘Zovi’.


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